How to Do Makeup for Tan Skin

We’re still in the middle of winter, and already missing the tanned skin and the summer, isn’t it? Yes, but no need to wait for the sunny days to display a natural tan , you know?

Well, okay, almost natural, as in this case, it is in fact tan makeup. Yes, the sets of makeup with Tan effect has already taken account of the walkways, even the shows out there, I’ve some time come displaying makes that simulate the sexy sunburn.

The good news is that you can do this makeup, and that’s what we’ll show now, the step by step to abusing a bronzant look to go around shaking.

See How to Make a Makeup with Tan Effect

Well, although he is already being seen for some years, the bronzant look of the season comes with a few subtle changes, betting on a make more natural, less dramatic, with a pinkish color on the apples.

Below is a step by step for yourself do and raze in makeup with Tan effect:

  1. Of course, you should always prepare the skin to receive the makeup with tanned, therefore, clean, moisturize and, if it is during the day, prefer the moisturizers with sunscreen.
  2. Choose abasis one or two tone up your skin.
  3. Use concealer, in the same tonality of your complexion, in the region of the eye and (if) small spots,acne or skin imperfections.
  4. After use, apply concealer base, spreading and innovation the face, the neck and the neck, preferably with a fluid base, two tone up your skin.
  5. To produce the natural tan effect, apply bronzing powder only in regions where the sun burns: forehead, cheeks and over the nose, with the help of a big, soft brush, spread the bronzing powder, two tone up your skin, face, intensifying it in the forehead, chin and jaw, creating nuances of light and shade. Then apply an illuminator gold in these same areas.
  6. Apply bronzing powder in order to leave the skin with natural tan effect, but without exaggeration. Scroll down a bit for the neck and cervix to the tonality of these areas don’t get different face.
  7. To leave the makeup with natural tanned and healthy air, with the help of a medium and soft brush, apply ablush pink or peach, of the temples in the apples, the cute of the cheekbone, faded the color toward the ear.
  8. Finally, to improve the makeup with tan effect, can terminate the make applying shadows in golden tones to illuminate your face, after black mask eyelashes and gloss red in mouth. This provides incredible finish and make suits any occasion.

Tips to Make a Makeup with Tan Effect

  • Correction: use a version just a shade below the base color, so he’s going to be a lot more natural!
  • Bronzing powder: lighter terracotta versions look great in white. Already brownish tints tones enhance more Brunettes. The illuminator right has the gold background, that gives life to the bronze.
  • Shadows: avoid light pink, blue and shimmering green, because the result may be a little over, namely, vulgar, and silver or white leaves a little of the goal which is the golden effect, therefore, prefer Brown, copper, gold, pearl, orange, peach, old gold.

Diorskin Nude Glow Sun Powder, Dior. The idea is to win a natural color. The hue can be dosed according to the strength of the application. For the whole year, it’s worth using the Cinnamon hue.

Summer Bronze Mosaic Tanned face powder, Avon. Standardizes the face powder providing natural tan effect, in addition to ensuring a healthy look. Can be used on all skin tones and also as blush.

Refined Golden Bronzing Powder, powder M.A.C. eHealthfacts, slightly shiny, highlighting the colorful and natural lighting of the skin. Ideal to enhance the tonality or strengthen the color in the Sun.

Natura Quartet Watercolor Lace Sun Blush, Natura. The blush matte effect and fine finishing for your makeup with tan effect. Color the cheekbones with different shades, varying according to the intensity of the application. Available in pink and earthy.

Terracotta blush, AC Line Make Up, Smell water. Brown color helps to compose the bronze without losses of make solar exposure. To apply gently on the cheekbones, with light strokes in the rest of the face.

Bronzed Beauty Kit, from bareMinerals. The kit brings three products to create a makeup with tan effect. In order to facilitate implementation, includes the Light brush Stroke Fan, natural bristle, that slides easily over her face. Natural Lipgloss Sugar Glaze has natural glow Golden and slightly wet lips effect.

If you want to delve into the subject, I recommend the professional makeup course online for only R$ 39.90.