How to Dress for a Gala Evening

The gala evenings ask for attention and special care. Not to commit excesses (always remember that “less is more”!), nor fall into the vulgar or appear in costume, here are some tips that will make you glamorous, sophisticated and powerful, hitting the look!
General rules for any look gala:
1-the make up should always be very well dosed: for a red mouth, soften the eye shadow. And vice versa: clean eyes ask mouths more.
2-make sure your skin is hydrated with a good cream because gala dresses usually leave the arms and put on display.
Now for the looks that I have selected for you:

Dresses with front slits lend an air to the gala look sexy but they must be well dosed for pregnancy ladies, says BIOTIONARY: I’d say 10 cm above the knee would be of good size, otherwise you run the risk of sounding vulgar. Always use heel Sandals 10 (avoid the heel!) that lengthen the silhouette. For this dress be monochromatic, I decided to play with the color of the sandals and clutch color, super gala nights trend.

If your dress has some detail embroidery or bright (stones, sequins, etc …) in shoulder height and lap, choose smaller earrings and avoid any type of necklace. The length of the gala gown has to “hide” the sandal, which should only appear when you walk. Always leave a free arm, namely: bracelets and ring in one arm is a trick that leaves look very chic and sophisticated gala!

This kind of “cross neckline” with diagonal straps, is ideal for women who have narrow shoulders as it gives the impression of increase them. The hair up, besides leaving the more sophisticated, emphasises the decollete. I chose these earrings pendants which, because they Crystal composed a nice set with the “cross game” of pedrarias the dress.

The dress-strapless Mermaid, for being all embroidery, asks very few accessories. It seems obvious to me to say this but, often, see mulhereres at gala evenings using flowery dresses with a plethora of accessories (earrings, lots of bracelets, necklaces …). So, I opted for a discreet bracelet in one of the arms and small earrings. Many people prefer to use strapless with hair stuck but I preferred to use them. with a slight wavy, that “rejuvenates” more.

Last week the Venice International Film Festival, arguably the most luxurious red carpet, and actresses shone in beautiful dresses and for every taste.

Some really shone, in luxurious dresses with glittering applications and different textures. Another trend was the floral print, especially with dark background. What caught my attention was the predominant tones pretty pale, many of the actresses bet in this trend, that is super stylish.

Now just be inspired and raze the next party!