How to Dress for Pregnancy on a Budget

Today I would like to try making a post a little different than usual!

The inspiration came to me thanks to a dear friend who is 7 months pregnant and who loves fashion like me. I put myself in his shoes and I wondered if I would ever managed to combine convenience (a must, under those circumstances) in style without having to stumble to have a hysterical fit in front of the wardrobe and fold in grembiuloni and tunics cover everything.

Then we see step by step if there is something that can come in handy, and we also see what offers us in this case, our beloved internet.

Why is gorgeous walking around the shops looking for onesies, booties and bibs, but not all women know accept your changing body so quickly, and maybe not all of them have the desire to prove himself a thousand clothes in dressing room with bulky belly and fatigue that comes with it.

And here comes to the rescue the shopping on YOUREMAILVERIFIER, because it can be handy to have a cappuccino and choose a new dress, calmly in their living room in front of the computer?

I tell you, so much.

The earliest inspirations we have it right by celebrities, who have a big belly, each with its own specific style.

I’ll have to put it out, I love it how she dressed Gisele at the time, because pretty much dressed the same way now, and with the same hint of rock in every look.

This is easy to copy: leggins black (high), Sunglass, rayban, boyfriend t-shirt and leather jacket.

Behold, I admit though that this is a slight problem, because just yesterday thanks to this friend of mine, I noticed that the jacket can never quit, after the 5-6 months.

And in a little while it starts to get cold! And leather jackets, as well as a nice coat is not that we can buy her for 6 months of use.

In this case I suggest a poncho, a boiled wool hooded Cape coat maybe, maybe even a trench if not too screwed up and somehow manage to close it at least with the belt.

But moving on, why do you think that someone invented some other kind of solution?

The evening dresses for parties, events, any red carpet (If Yes, I am your friend huh!) goes for more the Empire dress: highlights the breasts that have reached a decent size, and slips on the baby bump up the ankles.

Probably, it’s easier than you have an invitation to a baptism, a wedding, or it’s new year’s.

It’s unfair to spend much for a dress that you will truly, once!

And apparently there is someone else who thinks like me, because I discovered that there is a maternity dress hire cars, and it seems to me that costs around 40 € per week.

The site is called and I don’t think it’s altogether be discarded as an idea. I know that renting a dress will never be like owning it, but if it is an opportunity that you cannot miss and don’t want to go broke … why not?!

You already know that H & M has a small maternity ward, did you know?!

But I here I am speaking of what we can find blissfully and comfortably browsing with clicks. And not only.

All you will see below, costs less than 80 €.

The legendary Asos, the same who has repeatedly drained the paper when you sought the high heels, the ring with the skull, the clutch bag with feathers, and sequinned blazer, runs to your rescue: has a maternity line, super trendy and at very competitive prices!

Also there’s a spare just to fancies and pretty often adds new models.

* Under suggestion of Giulia I add to the list the site of Pretty Pregnant, British and very cute!