How to Dress for Sports?

Sports clothing should blend aesthetics and practice. Yoga, running, fitness, dancing, tennis … Before you start, make sure that you are properly equipped.

When you get into the practice of a sport, it is important to be properly equipped, otherwise the session quickly turns into a nightmare. Pain ankles or knees, neck vertebrae and sensitive: it is your sports clothes and your shoes are certainly not suitable. To avoid all these little annoyances, here are our clothing sport special advice.

A (very) good support breast. Whatever sport you practice, the chest must be well maintained for aesthetic and practical reasons. And conventional bras are not always suited to sports, both in form and in their tissue. Ramp that slides, tissue scratchy, chest insufficiently supported: To avoid this discomfort and preserve his chest, it is essential to invest in a good sports bra.

Our advice: choose her sports bra one size below his waist usual, so that the chest is fully supported. If you are interested in sports bra of vintage style, you can browse this blog article (

Adapted sneakers if regular sports training (at least 2 times a week), sports shoes must have a tread of at least 3cm. Indeed, the sole protects the body jolts of running, jumping or walking and avoid knee pain, neck and vertebrae. Therefore, when doing sports, it is essential to ban converses and other city sneakers that offer no ankle support and have far too thin sole.

Comfortable sports clothes for sports, is favored cotton clothing, more comfortable to wear and especially more hygienic than plastics that retain perspiration odors and stick more easily to the skin. Finally, we choose sportswear containing a little spandex for maximum comfort during exercise.