How to Dress in Pregnancy

Every young mother for the first time, after the overwhelming joy of being pregnant, is facing the big question: what to wear during pregnancy? In General, from start to finish, we will need leaders able to lighten the proportions, highlighting those areas that have remained slim (like arms) and thinning instead weighted ones (like the sides).

  • During the first three months of pregnancy, the belly starts gradually to behold, but yet the body does not undergo any real changes. Starts only to get rounder. For this period, there are strategic outfit, which allow to follow the first changes without renouncing to be stylish and trendy. It is good to put away everything that is too tight and exalt instead, her femininity with dresses with soft lines, which emphasize the forms. The Empire-style gown, cut under the bust, it’s very strategic, because it can be worn until just before giving birth.
  • Already the fourth month can be bought a pair of pants and a maternity jeans with extendable life, which can be worn until the end. Wildcard leaders that they must not miss there are tights and leggings; choose with the high waist to cover your belly without squeezing it and maybe reduce associate frames and dark legs. Are fun and comfortable and especially glamorous Slinky long jumpers & cardigans.
  • Going forward with the pregnancy it will be cumbersome.From the fifth month on the best outfit is undoubtedly in the classic maternity line, but are also perfect the dress, to be worn with a fitted shirt.
  • During the sixth month, you will probably have a cup size that is worth highlighting with a V-neckline, long and narrow. To slim the figure, is also perfect on collar, clean lines and chic.
  • Seven months pregnant with the child growing up increases the weight on the bladder and with this the need to urinate.Better to wear dresses and skirts, not bending continuously when you go into the bathroom to drop his pants, according to ANDYEDUCATION.
  • During the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy, you may feel that your body explode from one moment to the next. It’s just a feeling, but it is best not to force him in clothes that are tight on the tummy, to avoid hassles. During the last few months, there are women holding even bag a pair of scissors, so you fix it with a clean cut to the suffering caused by pantyhose or skirts that suddenly go too tight. The coats are the most difficult to choose. It would be better to buy one for this purpose because there are bungee widens. Even the shoes are only a problem now, when it is difficult to bend down to lace up. Moreover, given the back problems, it is best to discard both thin heels flats, better opt for depreciated soled shoes and sneakers.