How to Dress When You Have Large Breasts

Minimize his chest (if that’s what you want)

To minimize the size of her chest, we have two options:

First, there are the Bras that crush and compress the breasts. Some women who are not comfortable with the attention that brings them their busty swear by it! And if it can make feel you less “stuck” in your body, go for it!

Otherwise, you can choose ups which are “boxy”, i.e. with a fitted, more square cut. However be very careful to not go to the extreme in order to not end up with a look ‘sack of potatoes! It is always a question of balance. The ideal are just fairly straight and square, clothes that do not add any excess fabric on the front.

Take her figure without necessarily causing

Regardless of the bodies we have, the important thing is always to take responsibility and try to love on a daily basis as possible.

The girls who know their body, who are good in their own skin and who understand the proportions which work well for they will be still the most stylish!

Some cuts are better than others to put his chest without however too revealing either. For example, all clothes that are close to the body but which simultaneously cover it.

A sexy look that we love very much: a skirt and a cropped top adjusted who let a little bit of size but shows no other skin!

The pullovers are a classic: they allow you to show a little cleavage (for comfort) and both lengthen the neck and torso, while being less revealing than a wider collar.

As for the collar rolled, it is Yes or no? It is certain that this sweater Cup will really focus on your assets, so will “exaggerate” your proportions.

Maybe that’s exactly what you want, or not! But why not use a turtleneck like a garment to overlay? You could match clothes that you would not normally allow you all to revealing not too! For example, you can wear a turtleneck under a small dress with thin straps, a top open in the back, a very plunging neckline, etc.

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