How to Get Free LED Bulbs

If your tax reference income does not exceed a certain threshold, you can receive a free pack of 5 LED bulbs. Here’s how.

5 LED bulbs for everyone, provided to be eligible

If you live in the island-of-France, and your home is made up of four people, just that your tax reference income does not exceed €34 887 to be able to receive free 5 LED bulbs : 5 bulbs E27.

What for? Because the Government has forced energy suppliers to spend 900 million euros over three years, to finance programs to reduce energy consumption, destined for the more modest homes.

A single person living in the province, and the reference tax income not exceeding €14 300, will receive also 5 bulbs. And so what if a family of 8 needs probably more blisters than a single person, it’s 5 for everyone…

The bulbs will take several months to arrive

The free bulbs control program, called “Reduction ‘ Light”, is available here.

You need to bring with you your last tax bill in order to make your request, since your number of ID tax and your income for tax purposes of reference are required. They are requested for verification of your eligibility in the program.

If you pass the course of validation of your request, do not wait as long your bulbs for next week! The program warns that ‘ the delivery time of your discount pack’Light is not fixed and can take several months . If you were to replace bulbs… don’t wait!