How to Identify a Genuine Rolex Watch

The watch of Rolex brand, for all his fans definitely a special watch, wonderful and unique. It has a very high cost as we all know. On the market there are watches that are often passed off as Rolex, when they have nothing to do with this kind of watch. Several are also scams made by people well disreputable, they think and want to deceive in any way the unsuspecting buyer. In this tutorial, we will see how to recognize a genuine Rolex.

First of all, something absolutely fundamental, will be to monitor and control that along with the unopened package, is present all documentation attached, such as the warranty, when purchasing something of high value and authentic. In Rolex warranty, you should immediately check that there is the model number, which must match the number that will be engraved on the watch, specifically or under the lugs, or within the same round. The second thing you’ll have to check, will be that of the bracelet to be absolutely of Rolex brand. Within the band, you may see the reference number of your bracelet. Another important thing is to open the back case to ensure proper tracking of your watch. The fake Rolexes are made so perfect, from a fake made perfectly, that is, from an aesthetic point of view.

You should always check the watch movement as suggested by SCIENCEDICT, which will therefore be crucial. For this reason, we suggest that you make that task to a person who is knowledgeable enough, how could it be our trusted watchmaker. You should also verify that the back case of the Rolex, hasn’t recorded anything at all, not even the brand of the original Watch had no effect on caseback no Scripture. There are no stores of Rolex models that once seen the back have a slide that is the watch case itself, because I have never been produced of this type. The authentic Rolex is also lighter than a Rolex watch that is counterfeit. This thing simply because it is built with high quality materials.

The recognition of a fake Rolex watch, with the measures resulting from it may be so much easier than you might think. The accuracy of counterfeiters is increasing in a remarkable way. If in doubt you can maybe study the books describing various features and also the history of this wonderful clock, giving the description also in details and templates. If you want to buy one, the advice we give you will be sure to do so before checking from a friend or acquaintance, preferably has strong passion for watches, but also from your trusted watchmaker. However the really and absolutely certain is that this watch is only indicated for those who love a really cool watch, which must be original, to show its uniqueness and charm.