How to Knit a Hot Water Bottle Holder

With this cuddly wool hot water bottle cover you can become really comfortable there. Or even your loved ones make a joy – because it is a super gift! With our knitting pattern, you can knit the part easily yourself.


  • Silk Wool by SMC select (64% wool, 27% silk, 9% polyamide):100 g pink (07157 FB.)
  • Double pointed needles (or two short circular knitting needles) No. 6-7
  • Hot water bottle

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Basic pattern:

= Stockinette in each Rd only right STS.

Federal pattern:

Alternating knit 1 M, 1 M left.

Bubble hash:

According to the knitting work over 21 M and 33 Rd. It is only every 3 Rd. In the two intermediate Rd knit the M as they appear, always right knit the M over the pimple.

Pimples trims:

Number of stitches divisible by 4. It is only every 3 Rd. In the two intermediate Rd right knit all STS. 1 x knit the 1st 7th Rd.

Knitting tension:

17 M and 22 Rd = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting instructions for a hot water bottle cover made of wool

Cast on 48 STS and distribute STS on 4 needles (= each 12 M).

Knit in the Federal pattern. For the increases in the 2nd RD at the end of the 1st and 3rd needle 1 M from the cross stitch right yo increase at the beginning of the 2nd and 4th needle after the first right M 1 M from the cross stitch folded right take to = 52 M. These increases in each Rd is still 3 x repeat, while the increases clasped in the change of work left and right = 64 M. Knit a total of 10 Rd in the Federal pattern.

Continue then 10 Rd in the basic pattern.

Then with the 11th Rd the bubble diamond mid front according to knit work.Tip: To redistribute the needles on the needles that are in the front centre 25 M, about the other 3 needles each 13 M. So, the bubble hash can work better when holding a water bottle defined on NOVOWATERBOTTLES.

After completion of the bubble hash and begin Dec. Do this on both sides mark the right M, the increases have been between them at the start. In the following Rd about this M 3 M right covered Tog: the M with the M before withdraw together like the right knitting, knit the following M right and pull the two withdrawn M over knitted STS = 60 STS. These decreases in the 4th Rd, then every 2nd Rd repeat until there are 36 STS on needles. Knit right M 2 Rd.

Now work 7 Rd knob Welt.

Then 8 Rd right knitting right M, 3 rd left M, then M and cast off.


Push the hot-water bottle in the cover and close the bottom edge. May sew the beaded at the top left. This opening is large enough to replace the hot water bottle if necessary.