How to Knit Hat for Baby

Hand-knitted hats are especially welcome gifts for newborns. The season, the new parents want to keep their little heads, warm and cozy. A small wire if you can knit a double-double pointed needles you can knit a simple hat rolled brim hat. 

This cap is about 13 inches, which is the average small newborn head circumference. Now see the instruction offered by as below:


• 56 stitches on a double-needle. Attach a safety pin needle to show the beginning of the round.

• Make sure the stitches are not twisted about needles and join in one round.

• Knit in every round, until the ring is about 5 1/2 inches molded edge. The cast is assembled edge a little bit, that is normal.

• On next row knit 8 stitches, and put a ring character work. Finally, a second round. There are seven signs and the other a safety pin to work.

• Knit two stitches before the marker. Knit two stitches together. Move the characters.Repeat two stitches before the safety pin and knit the two loops together. This is round.

• Knit one round is not at all. This is an even round.

• Knit one round was followed by decline even round until you have eight stitches remaining.

• Knit two stitches together four times a stitch removal of signs you reach them. There are four stitches remain.

• Cut the thread, in which case a 10-inch tail. Thread the yarn onto the blunt needle and pull the needle through the last four stitches. Draw the stitches together tightly.

• Guide the needle through a small hole at the top, inside the hat. Weave ends. Wash and dry the yarn brand treatment guidelines hat.