How to Knit Wool Socks

In the autumn we knit like for our lives. Our project today: Knit socks made of wool in beautiful dark blue.

There are these socks shoe size 34 to 41. Do you like the knit stockings? Indexdotcom will offer you free guide here!

You need this:

“Highland Tweed” regia (54% superwash wool, 28% rayon, 18% polyamide): 150 g in the color Lagoon (FB. 02757), needles size 3-3.5

Knit stockings – how to:


Stockinette: Knit in rounds (RD) all stitches (M) right, in rows to rows knit right M, back row left M.

Rib: Knit the wrong patent with a lifting loop in rounds, with the 4 M of the pattern always repeat.

1st Rd: * 2M, 1M as lift to the left knitting thread here before work continue, 1 M right, ab * always repeat.

2nd RD: * 1M how to knitting links stand out, while continue the thread behind the work, 3 M left, ab * always repeat. Always repeat the 1st and 2nd to Rd.

Knitting tension/gauge: 22 M and 32 R stockinette with needles size 3-3.5 mm = 10 x 10 cm

Knit stockings – instructions:

Size 34/35 – 36/37-38/39 – 40-41

The information for the individual sizes are from the smallest to the largest size in a row by hyphens separated. Is only an indication, it applies to all sizes.

Note: Start with the same color pattern both socks!


44-48 – 48 – 52 STS on 4 needles of needle = 11 – 12-12-13 STS per needle distributed post, close to the round. With a contrasting thread mark the round transition. 16-17 – 18-18 cm in the rib knit. Then on the 1st and 4th needle stockinette and the m M 2nd and 3rd needle in rib pattern 4 Rd continue.

From the 5th Rd working the heel and the foot according to the basic instructions the rib pattern, the m of the 1st and 4th needle knitting, doing for the feet above the M of the 2nd and 3rd needle stockinette knitting.

18-18.5 – smooth right after basic instructions knit the band tip 20-21.5 cm length of the foot.

Work the second socks as well as the first.