How to Make a Nixie Watch

Nixies: Precursor of the LED watch-feat. James Bond and Russian power plants

Maybe it’s just me so, but whenever I see NIXIE clocks, I must recall the control room of an old Russian nuclear reactor–or a James Bond film from the 60s. With Sean Connery. Of course.

Nixie Clocks-These are watches that use the time display decades old tube elements. They are based on the principle of the glow lamp, are however more complex built to display the digits 0 to 9. A “mesh”, which

illuminate a digit can be depending on the control inside the vacuum tube. In combination can be with several tubes display the time in a very nice manner.

The name Aditya (e) derives from Numeric Indicator eX perimental No. 1 down and comes from the Burroughs Corporation, that 1954 secured the designation “Nixie” as a trademark. The concept comes from the 1920s, but had their high time, yellow to orange red glowing tubes in the 60s and 70s. These watches were used mainly in measuring instruments and computers (source: PROGRAMINGPLEASE).

DIY: Nixes to the buildable

Although NIXIE tubes are no longer produced, enjoy the glowing precursor of LED watches of a considerable popularity. There are some pages and shops on the net on this topic (see link in the list below), where you can buy the tubes, individual kits or complete watches. And of course, also ebay offers (partner-link *) a considerable offer and choice. Prices of Glimm watches start at about 100 euros (State: August 2015).

My personal view: The kits and instructions give the impression that one should be quite a skilled hobbyist if you dare approach on such a project. You should bring a certain expertise in any case, for soldering and wiring diagrams reading seem here the minimum requirements to be (see also).

Premium tubes on Spinnenbeinen: stainless-and design-NIXIE

As I said, who wants to become slightly lighter’s, which buys a finished NIXIE clock. Who wants to call beyond even a real art-and design object with six NIXIE tubes (instead of four) his own, must probably access to the “NIXIE machine” by Frank Buchwald-and pay a price of approximately 23,500 euros (24.800 Swiss francs). If you get even one of the on 12 piece limited edition.

The “Woz” bears-the NIXIE watch

A slightly cheaper option-but no less wacky – carries the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the arm.Yepp, there nixes as wristwatches. (Price about $500 plus shipping).

And “Woz” seems to be pretty excited about his NIXIE watch as you can see in this video:

As far as the illustrious NIXIE clocks, moving somewhere between steampunk and 60-years nuclear reactor charm. If your still trivia, links and strange to tell or share, then only to. Like in the comments.