How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Every woman likes to nail care and so seek manicures or paint your nails at home and to keep the beautiful nails for longer it is necessary to take some care to the enamel last longer.

With some basic care to make the color of your enamel have a larger shelf life.

Tips For Nail Polish Last Longer :

Ingredients Needed:

Favourite glaze
Solid Vaseline
Thinner for nail polish

How to do:

Put a little Vaseline on the edge of the glass enamel. Thus you will prevent a layer of dry glaze accumulates there, preventing the glass be hermetically sealed.

Keep the nail polish in the fridge.

If the glaze is dry, place a few drops of diluent. Never place within the Polish acetone or nail polish remover they ruin the product.

Don’t let the uncapped enamel for a long time.

Before using the enamel, turn the glass down and rotate it between your hands. The texture will be more uniform and the visual effect on the nails will be better.

Always pass the enamel on your nails clean and dry. If you just use nail polish remover or acetone, wash your hands to remove the residues of the product before painting her nails.