How to Match Shoes with Jeans

Know how to match shoes with jeans is essential so as not to make missteps in constructing the outfit: Although the jeans have become more versatile than ever before, not only among the sporting look, being relegated the casual allure remains and it is important to take this into account when choosing shoes.

In addition, trendy jeans models have multiplied, bringing very different types in our wardrobes, which impose equally diverse shoe choices. Not all types of jeans go great with all types of shoes, between models, heights and different inspirations, each has their own favorite shoes and those who feel more at JUSTINSHOES.

Generally speaking, if your jeans are much better to avoid sports shoes, and vice versa. The jeans then must be the right length and not be dragged on the ground, because in a short time you would spoil. To consider, finally, the occasion for which you prepare your outfit: ripped jeans should be avoided at work, while for an aperitif with friends you can indulge in the choice.

Let us now, in detail, model by model, how to match shoes with jeans.

Skinny jeans. Among the most common models, skinny jeans are also the only ones who can wear without worry fans of the boots, which will put even the models of shoes to the knee allowing you pants slides inside. It is the most versatile jeans, worn with classic high sneakers, Ballet flats, sleepers, loafers, pumps, booties, lace-ups and platform.

Boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend jeans, cut wide and masculine, is often torn and worn by women with a small flap. The classic sneakers, sandals, lace-ups, loafers and sleepers are the shoes that are better off with this model. Who loves contrasts can choose between pumps ultra feminine models to accentuate the effect boyfriend: go-ahead to jewel sandals, point-toe shoes with ankle strap. If you love the convenience you can wear them with short boots.

Jeans cropped. The Pant cropped, which leaves the ankle and part of the calf, discoveries gives her best with shoes with a high heel, suited to slim the figure that otherwise would be severed by the length of the pant. You prefer then sandals, sabots, open toe pumps with plateau, focusing also on models with laces, straps and entanglements that can enhance the instep. The leaner can dare with shoes like sandals, espadrilles, moccasins and classic sneakers and sleepers.

Jeans in the Palace. The palazzo pants, lightweight denim or jeans, often declined is perfect to slim the figure and should be worn with high heels and up, more feminine models, from the sandal to the décolleté passing through the open toe. The longer they can try on crazy jeans with boots, but careful to adjust the length of the hem.