How to Match the Black Jacket

Know How to match the black jacket is essential as all women have one but it is equally important to do so by following the trends and fashion combinations. That is part of a business suit or is purchased separately, the classic black jacket is often relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe, forgotten and dusted off perhaps only on special occasions like a job interview.

The black jacket actually, although usually quite elegant (it all depends on the cut and fabric), is a very versatile garment that adapts to many different styles and can become an interpreter of personal taste thanks to many special combinations.

We see, then, how to match the black jacket depending on the style that best represents you according to ESTATELEARNING.

Classic style. The classic style, sober and elegant, wants the black jacket paired with black pants or skirt and light shirt, or a solid colored dress also. Foot nothing better of the décolleté to reiterate this kind of style. Complete the look a necklace and a handbag neutral tones.

Rock style. Rock style is gritty and casual and prefers – Needless to say – what time fashion jeans pants also authorizes to be torn and from the air. But what to put under your jacket? A horizontally striped sweater for example, doing a little “punk”, but also a little dress floral memories grunge and the 90s. For accessories, you can bet on the backpack, must have the past few years, or a shoulder strap, and on red or black peep-toe in the first case and the second biker boots.

Hipster Style. What she’s wearing underneath the black jacket a girl hipster? A t-shirt with lettering, prints and drawings, combined with corolla skirt if the jacket is short or pants black skinny jeans. The foot can not miss the faithful canvas sneakers or oxfords with ties, while among the accessories are a must black thick-rimmed eyeglasses, colored roofs and a hat pin on the lapel of his jacket. The ideal bag’s shoulder strap.

Minimal style. The black jacket is perfect to build a minimalist styled outfits based on black and white or all black. In this case you can play with textures, transparencies and overlays, while maintaining a simple, almost geometric. Calf-length dresses, top with trousers worn with boots or shoes with laces are among the combinations to try them if you love the minimal.

Glamorous style. Simple, elegant and sophisticated: but who said the black jacket cannot also be glamorous? Worn over a pink dress with tulle skirt and black accessories or with a plain or geometric print jumpsuit. Platform heels, open toe, also a large colored necklace and clutch will do the rest.