How to Organize a Camping Backpack

I have received a few questions about how to Pack a backpack for camping. I will give some ideas and an example of how to do it, there are no strict rules for it. If you put your noodle to work, it’s something very simple.

Well, come on. The first thing you should think about is what to bring! How many days am I staying? What am I going to get to eat? I’m going to get water or purify water on site? I need warm clothes and rain gear? Are a series of questions that only the adventurer himself can answer. From there you need to remember to balance the weight, something you must feel if you need to take long walks with the Backpack on the back; Remember also to leave more accessible items you may need faster, with the canteen, camera, flashlight, etc. Each must meet your needs.

If your bag have room left over you can load the thermal insulation on the inside, but this is an equipment that is usually charged on the outside because it takes up a lot of space. You can tie it to find safer on the outside of the bag. If you have no skill with us, pass a string inside the roll and take the insulation to tow. The important thing is not to lose it on the way.

Look for backpacks that do not weigh much, advised by BAGLIB.COM. There are various equipment a little more expensive, but they are lighter. If you intend to camp out often and if your Pocket allows, try to buy good equipment. If you buy a bad product, you might have to buy twice. The set of equipment each 100 grams makes a huge difference in the end, especially after a few hours of walking. Don’t take unnecessary items, likewise, don’t let home security items and comfort as a survival kit, first aid kit and personal care.

The best tip for who goes from tent is to not take it in its original packaging, which is often impractical and does not allow you to distribute the weight of the backpack. I don’t like to leave my tent a lot at the bottom of the bag because it’s something that I will use as soon as you arrive in my camp. If you share your tent with someone, divide this item for several bags for everyone to share a bit of weight and not free anyone. I’d rather leave in the clothes I’m wearing to bed and sleeping bag. Backpacks with the bottom separated from by a zipper are quite common, my does not have this part. Organize your bag according to the model. I like backpacks with many pockets, which always help to separate the different items. Always have a list to check if you’re not forgetting something and Bon voyage!

The following is a sample video.