How To Prepare For A Trekking-Everything You Ever Wanted To Know And No One Told

Many people enrolling for a long walk, or a course that involves this type of activity, end up not knowing how to prepare for this kind of adventure.
1000 questions appear, like what kind of drive equipment, food, fitness.
This text aims to give some ideas along these lines, and are practices that come from adopting personally and with clients on treks in various countries.
After all, what is a trekking?
I found this explanation, very interesting: Trekking :
… is an activity in which people walk for days in non-urban areas or undeveloped.
-Definition of Trekking
In other words, the trekking you will make a journey on foot for several days, especially in mountain environment, and will have contact with local people which has your way of life unchanged for many generations.
The equipment is an essential part of any adventure. If you go to a hilly place, be prepared for the cold and wind. Even in warm places, it is important to take some items. What are they? What can never be missing in your backpack is theanorak, or Windbreak/raincoat. Must be a breathable material (or else you’ll get soaked because of your perspiration).
He has multiple functions, and at the time of the perrengue is key.
A situation of rain and wind, even in warm places, can be dangerous and eventually bring someone unprepared to hypothermia. Another important item is a jacket/coat of synthetic material that warms your body. Nowadays we use much fleece, whose advantage the fact of heat even though humid, apart from being very light. The hiking pants should be comfortable.
An important tip is to realize if the barrigueira of the backpack you will use is above the waistband of the pants. If that happens, look for a pair that have a higher waist and you won’t be “in the way” of the barrigueira of the backpack.This can hurt your waist to the point of making bubbles … quite painful, especially if you will walk for days with heavy Backpack on my back. A flashlight of good quality, preferably the “headlamps” or head torch, is fundamental. And reserve sleeping bags on TRANSPORTHINT.
Boots: Here a paragraph. Imagine that you’re going to walk for days in a rugged terrain, with extra load on your body.
All the weight is on their feet, they deserve special attention. Yet many people go to that kind of adventure with old boots or hiking shoes, and suffer every step of the way. Old boots (with 4 years or more), even with looking good, end up taking off the bottom. Hiking shoes are too soft for this type of terrain. If you like tennis, look for some specific for hiking or trekking .
There are excellent on the market. Buy boot or new shoes, remember to use as much as you can to soften them before the ballad. Blisters are torturous.Backpack also deserves special attention. Backpacks “all-cargo” are larger and made to carry weight.
They tend to be more comfortable, with thicker foam on handles and barrigueira.
Worth the investment, for comfort and for that you get for everything inside her. Hanging things on the outside, just in case, because they’re screwing in any stick that you have along the way. You must also be physically prepared.
The more prepared, less your body will be tired/sore, and you can enjoy the experience more. The best practices are those that simulate what you’re going to have along the trekking. And basically you will walk. So, try hiking, if possible every day, with some weight in the bag (including for your body to get used to the backpack).
At first, place light weight and then increase gradually. An easy way to get to know how much it is charging is to fill bottles with water and put it in the bag (1 liter of water = 1 kg).
Race is great for improving your physical fitness, but the muscles that you use are different from the walk. Bodybuilding is a great addition to the practice of hiking with backpack.
Be also prepared emotionally!
Surely you will find difficulties and physical challenges, but most will get out of your comfort zone and will encounter aspects of yourself, which I was unaware.
That’s when internal changes happen and we grew up, we become somehow more aware of ourselves and of the needs of those around us.