How to Renovate a Mirror

The Mirrors Are Often Equipped with Wooden Frames, Likely to Deteriorate Over Time Because of the Humidity.

The mirrors are often equipped with wooden frames, likely to deteriorate over time because of the humidity. Here are some tips to refurbish them. How to renovate a mirror? The first step is to clean the mirror with a cloth and soapy water, by insisting on the mouldings where Nestle dirt, so as to show scratches and other defects that you must correct.

For those hard places to access a toothbrush will do. The jobs on the mirror should be able to go with the usual detergents. On the other hand, if you notice the presence of black spots, this indicates that the tain is composed of mercury, a toxic product. Please bring gloves and rub the tain with sandpaper to remove the rest of mercury. Then, apply with a brush a silver paint special mirror consisting of silver powder, you will find in all major retailers of DIY. Restore the frame in wood of the mirror if the frame of your mirror has real rabbets of gold, it will be best to contact a professional craftsman to fix, because it requires a particular technique and very specific tools. However, if the mirror is covered with a simple paint imitation gold, you can renovate it by yourself without difficulty. To fill holes or cracks in the frame of the mirror, advised by SHOPPINGPICKS, apply the paste to wood with a spatula. After having met the time of drying recommended by the manufacturer, gently sand the frame with a fine grain sandpaper to eliminate the overflow. Then repaint the frame with a suitable paint, while protecting the edges of the mirror with duct tape. You can also opt for an alternative solution, which is to replace the painting by gilding wax, applied with a rag or brush. This type of product has the advantage to offer an effect skated to the wooden frame.