How to Set up RC Helicopter

Remote control toys have become a popular gift during the winter holidays in recent years – in particular, remote control helicopters. Some of these helicopters removable propellers. These toys can be tempting to get out of the box and play with right away, but it is a bit of preparation required to ensure you get the most out of them. Instructions.

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Connect the battery unit in the charger and charge the battery to full capacity for the first time. On most remote control toys light comes on or flashes when the battery is fully charged.

Choose an area to control the remote control helicopter that very few obstacles. This will help avoid collisions as you get used to the sensitivity of the controls.

Check the area of all electronic devices that could interfere with the frequency of the remote control unit for your remote control helicopter. The frequency of the remote control unit must be indicated on the back of the remote control and the directions of the remote control helicopter defined by COMPUTERMINUS as well.

Check the remote control batteries to make sure they are new to a test for the first time in your remote control helicopter.

Attach the blades that come with your remote control helicopter. Depending on the model may already be set. Other models may need one or two propeller blades to be fixed before flying.

Turn on the power for both the remote and the remote control helicopter. Both rooms have their own power switches.

Practice raising the helicopter with the control that manages the lift of the remote control helicopter. After high practice with the thrust control to get an idea of ​​the sensitivity of each of these controls.