How to Soften the New Shoes?

New shoe is all good! Is satisfaction a new pair in the closet!

Who doesn’t love to buy a shoe again? The problem is that new shoes can cause damage to your feet, if you’re “catching” by tightening or, even, very “hard”. And, what to do with the shoe for him to be nicer to wear?

The man is always soften the new pairs before you put them in use.

Everyone ever suffered with a shoe that “scrapes” the heel hurts, or squeeze in some corner. Abrasions, blisters, pain … Feet suffered. And, the recovery of this kind of disaster is always painful. Use the new shoes don’t have to be painful!

The site I LOVE SHOES brings you tips on how to soften the new shoe.

Use the shoes with thick socks home

This is classic tip, the time of our grandparents. And, usually works for all kinds of shoes. Put a thick sock feet, put on your shoes and walk in the House. At the time it is at home doing something, get footwear with shoes. Walk away, walk over. Repeat this process for several days before he uses them out of the House. After a few days, the shoes will be properly adjusted to the feet. This is one of the most efficient ways to expand the shoes. All it takes is a little patience, doesn’t it? This tip is “accurate”, as they say!

Use half coarse and hair dryer

Place the thick socks on your feet, put on his shoes, turn on the dryer and aim the hair dryer for regions more bother. While the dryer is turned on in the region, move your feet, stick your finger in the heel and pull to help expand. It is important to leave the shoe cool your feet inside. Repeat several times until you feel that the shoe has softened. This hint may not be effective for all kinds of shoes. The dryer can dehydrate a little shoe material, depending on the type of shoe. In this case, it may be necessary to use a leather conditioner or other product of hydration

Misturinha with fabric softener + hair cream

Make a simple mix with softener and hair cream (serves also conditioner). Pass only on the inside of the shoes. Then, put on and walk. You may need to make several times to make the shoe “cede”. This “misturinha” functions as the store-bought shoes softeners. Can be uncomfortable shoes with this misturinha and, if it falls outside, can stain certain materials. This method can also deform the modeling of some shoes.

Freeze with water in

Grab bag (ziploc type “), put a little water (about half), close and place inside the shoe, fixing the format of the shoe. The idea is to fill the front of the shoe with the bag. Take your shoes off for the freezer. The frozen water expands the volume. And, it will provide the shoe extend gently. Leave overnight. Then, remove the shoe from the freezer, wait a few minutes for the water to begin to thaw and it becomes easier to remove the bag from the inside of the shoe. Try the shoe to make sure that it is laceado. If you are not good enough, repeat several times. Some experts in shoes don’t recommend using this technique for any type of shoe.

Shoe Laceador own

There are special products for this purpose sold in SHOESESPECIALLY, shoe products. It’s usually just apply, wear when at home. Several applications may be necessary the product is expensive and that’s a big disadvantage. But, are appropriate for some materials such as leather, without staining. Each shoe is a shoe, right?

Regardless of method, the shoe should be purchased with the appropriate size for the walk, huh?

And you? Has any tips to soften the shoes? Have you used any of these? Share your experience! Leave a comment!