How to Take Care of Leather

To prevent the leather clothes are retired sooner, some básicosdevem be taken care, such as regular cleaning, avoid damp or dark environments, protect it with any cover of TNT, and never use plastic bags.

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The leather parts require some specific care due to the particularities of the material. Because they are made from animal skins, it is possible that they are susceptible to fungi and microorganisms that can cause degradation of the clothes. To avoid this, the ideal is to avoid wet locations, which includes not only keep them just hanging, but with protective cases, freeing the play of external effects.

Even in these cases, it is important to be careful with the type of cover and even the exposure of leather clothing. Never use plastic bags, because your composition does not prevent the accumulation of moisture; on the contrary, your stuffiness creates the perfect environment for fungi. Prefiracapas of TNT, dark, so other effects such as the clarity doesn’t ruin the play.

Speaking of clarity, despite the recommendation to keep the leather parts in locaisfrescos and airy, the incidence of light can damage the workpiece resistance when exposed for a long time. Therefore, even in fresh places, try to keep the clothes in the shade. The ideal is to expose them to every 30 days.

Leather pieces, mainly coats, should be hung on racks inside the wardrobes themselves. The covers offer large apertures bastente to save the piece along with the hanger, hanging it safely. Still, look for hangers large enough so that it does not prevent the shoulders, as they are used infrequently, can cause irreversible damage.

Do not hang any piece of leather in the closet if they are wet wet oulevemente like sweat, for example. Actually, don’t do it with any clothes. If they are that way, leave them hanging in well ventilated spot until they are dry, and then keep them.

If you find more practical, create a section in the closet devoted solely to the leather parts. So you will know exactly where to look and what are the clothes in demand.

Cleaning a piece of leather is very simple. Just a lightly moistened cloth to remove small stains and excess dust to keep your quality and beauty. And remember not to use any abrasive materials, as it reduces the resistance of the material and can cause stains.

As for a thorough washing, the frequency is much smaller: every six months, or even once a year. However, washing a piece of leather is a more complicated task, because one mistake and the risk of fading and tearing may end up with the clothes on the first try.

In these cases, the recommended is to take the pieces to trained professionals, which can be easily found in any laundry room. In these places, the professionals have knowledge and equipment necessary not only for the clean sweep, how to moisturize and revive its original colors if desbotem. Prices tend to vary between the dry cleaners, then find those most suited to your needs and your pocket.

If his plays have featured stains, fading and mildew, due to lack of care, the most recommended is to take the services that make the recovery of these clothes. In Brazil, this work is still restricted to a few dry cleaners, but there are some that stand out.

In the case of recoveries of leather clothes, their prices tend to be higher in comparison to a wash, reaching 80 R$ in the most extreme cases. For anyone who’s not used is an unwanted expense. However, when thinking about investments in the leather parts, which can easily reach the 3,000 R$, is a small amount for restoration.

Leather parts cause highlight wherever they are used, is positively by elegance, adversely by defects which arise as a result of poor care.

Therefore, even if use with little regularity, try to keep the good care, and in case of problems, find their own services to restore them. So, you keep your beauty with quality.