How to Take Care Oo Your Nails

The care of the nails should be increased after all with so many choices of Nail Polish and nail accessories, we must be vigilant at all times on the health of your nails. The poorly tended nails may become brittle and even ingrown chip.

Most women want to have beautiful nails and strong to display the desired size and use without fear of being happy colors of glazes that follow the fashion trends.
Check Out Some Tips For Nail Care And Leaves Them Strong, Beautiful And Healthy

The first step is to have attention in time to cut the nails, they should be cut with the edges always visible, IE out of the skin. It is important to remember that your nails if shape according to the format of each finger, so avoid exaggerating in cutting corners. To the toenails, choose the square shape, as this prevents them encravem.

To prevent your nails stay brittle is fundamental moisturizes them. A good tip is to leave the nails stay without the glaze for a week. Avoid using nail polish removers, opt for manicure products that do not contain alcohol, such as acetone. Use urea-based creams, grape seed oil, lanolin or silicone to promote hydration of the nails.

Always try to keep a healthy diet rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and proteins, is essential for the health of your nails and also of our body. Always make a medical check-up once a year, so you will be keeping your health in order.

If you like fake nails it is important to remember that the products used to glue them, are strong and in excess can be harmful. The care of the nails must be part of the choice of glazes. Choose hipoalérgênicos products and of good quality.Always use sterilized materials to do your nails and if possible avoid removing cuticles.