How to Tell Fake Guess Handbags

The fashion accessories for women are the point of reference of the great brands, who create authentic wonders. The handbags, especially, are the most popular in the world. The Guess brand creates relatively affordable price pockets compared to other fashion houses, but there is a parallel market that is dedicated to imitation.

Do you know how to differentiate true Guess bags from fake ones? Here baglib will explain to you.




To purchase a Guess handbag, go to any of the brand’s stores directly. From there, just find the quality that the company offers.


If you buy your Guess purse at another establishment, make sure, first, that the model is within the brand’s collection. It’s the first step in finding out if the purse they sold you is true or false.


Then look at the skin of the bag. The fakes are not skin. They use some much more closed imitation material, some kind of plastic or synthetic material, but very far from the skin. It is recognized directly by touch.

Analyze the bag seams. In general, fake purses have very visible seams and tend to be of poor quality. Make sure your bag is resilient and is very well sewn.

Referring to Fig.

The lining is another of Guess’s distinctive good and false handbags. The imitation does not usually carry lining, but in the case of taking it is usually very thin, almost paper. The original lining is soft, almost silky and well sewn.

The original Guess bag includes a label inside. This is a detail that serves to differentiate imitations, since fake purses almost never have them.


Look closely at the letters of the brand,which are similar in shape to that of the actual purses. In addition, the clasp should have the Guess brand, the imitation handbags do not have it.

Referring to Fig.

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  • Do not buy this type of product in small establishments.
  • Always go to a specialized center.