How to Train Muscles Properly

People who practice fitness, weight lifting or bodybuilding, often working with a training schedule. An athlete makes short sentences and do a lot of repetitions with small weights.Knowing how best to train your muscles, and how you can achieve the purpose, it is good to know how muscles work when it comes to sports.

How about a muscle together

The muscles that we stretch ourselves to consciously relax and is also known as random or striated muscles. About a quarter of the weight of the body is made up of this type of muscle. The muscle ends in a tendon attached to his legs. Muscles are made of muscles, and these muscles consist of muscle fibers again.When exercising a muscle, a signal is issued to contract. Is then passed through the brains where to send a signal through the outgrowth of a motor neuron to the so-called end-plate of the muscle fiber. The substances released by the end plates ensure that the muscle fibers to contract.

The contraction of the muscles

Muscle fiber is composed of threadlike strands: thick wires and thin wires. These filaments can slide along each other under the action of ATP. When glucose is burned in cells releases energy in the form of ATP. By disconnecting and restore the connection between myosin and actin filaments believe this change. When a muscle contracts, the filaments slide into each other.


The muscle is fixed through the tendon to the bone. The contraction of the muscle fibers, the muscles actually shorten the resultant movement is possible and the legs are moved toward each other: think of your arm as you can stretch and curves. The fluid between the tendon and the capsule can move smoothly. During exercise or strenuous exercise these liquid runs out. In the worst case, causing thereby causing friction infections and damages.Therefore it is important to give your body enough rest so that the liquid can be replenished.

Muscle structure of genetic

Though often in the sport is about building muscles or create more muscle mass, it is not that you get more muscle through exercise. The number of muscle cells are in fact already established when you were born. This is also genetically determined and explains why some people are working for a small muscle definition while others soon result visible when they swim. There are different types of muscle fibers and which composition is not the same for all. The slow twitch fibers are active with light weights and lots of repetitions, while the fast twitch muscle fibers are active at heavy weights. By repeating much you exercise with light weights as the ST muscle fibers, making your muscles have more endurance. Need more strength and muscle mass, you have to train as FT muscle fibers by going heavy with fewer repetitions. For best results in terms of muscle definition, endurance and strength, it is better to include both types of training in your program.

How to train the muscle

You can see a muscle as a tool that can withstand the daily work what you are used to. But if you want to perform heavy work with a machine than where it was created in the first place, then there will be damage to the machine.Then you can fix the tool so that it can handle heavier work. And it’s about what happens when you exercise your muscles. You let your muscles more “work” than normal. This creates small cracks in the muscle fibers, and connective tissue. The body needs time to repair the cracks again, and to make it withstand the heavy lifting: The muscle fibers are repaired with new wires connected to the outside: the volume increases and the muscle fibers are stronger. The total muscle is stronger and growing in volume. Give your muscles time to recover as it will repair hardly occur.

Regularly changing your workout for best results

Increase in muscle mass, you see, especially during heavy exercise like bodybuilding. It is good to remember that your muscles adapt constantly to education. The so-called repair based on the training that you do. The muscle is restored so that the muscles after a workout can handle. But if the course is not adjusted, the muscle will not adjust because the muscle is strong enough for the training you are doing. The adjustment can be done in several ways:

  • Always work out harder
  • After a brief period of heavy sets, a period of introduction of long light sets.
  • Change intensity: for example, by drop sets or supersets
  • Shorter pause effort between sets
  • other exercises

Although muscle structure is largely genetically determined, it is certainly possible to train a muscular body by practicing the right way and the right diet.