How to Use: Furla Candy Bag

Furla is an Italian brand of handbags, accessories and shoes. The name became popular in 2011 when a specific purse model was (and still is!) Heavily used by famous bloggers like Chiara and Betty:the Candy Bag. The bag has a medium size, but the features that most attract attention are the many color options, the material used and the transparency (at least in some).

The Candy Bag is made of PVC and some colors are more opaque, meaning almost nothing that appears inside the bag. On the contrary, there are also those that let us see all that is inside it. The bag matches everything that is kind of style, but is suitable for more casual occasions.Its numerous models and colors are a martyrdom for the indecisive!I myself could not choose from a world of options!They give a more fun to the clothes and do not go unnoticed.

In the next week week during Leather Fashion, the Petite Jolie brand launches some versions of the charming handbag from! Lia already has hers and surely you can wait for some looks and information about price and how to buy!

Where to Buy:In addition to the upcoming Petite Jolie national version, you can check Furla’s outlets and order with someone who is traveling or living in the United States or Europe (as the brand sells online to those locations). Or, who knows, you try on Ebay yourself! He is still able to find for a more comrade price. Mari Figueiró bought her on Ebay and gives tips in this post!

1. Furla Candy Bag + Skirt

2. Furla Candy Bag + Dress

3. Furla Candy Bag + Short

4. Furla Candy Bag + Pants

5. Famous with Furla Candy Bag