How to Use High Waisted Shorts

A very retro piece, but that makes a lot of success among the chicks. After years with the imposition of low waist pants that deform the waist and create the “love handles”, high-waisted parts arrived to stay. Even the most stripped as the shorts can form looks elegant and tastefully.

Learn how to use the short boyfriend.

The shorts is an essential piece of the female wardrobe, as paradisdachat says. Serve for several occasions not to mention what the jeans can be a play Joker and can be used in several places. He let her legs on display, design curves and enhances the body of any woman.

Who has those love handles that are marking on clothes and have to hide them can only have clothes with high waistband in the closet. The minimum height that a piece like this type should be at least at the time of the navel and can reach well above that. The short House very well with croppeds sweaters (which are high) and with more loose-fitting tops leaving the visual quite elegant.

Tips of looks

Not everyone has time to be keen on fashion and live through the magazine pages on the subject to be savvy about the styles and varied combinations you can do with the pieces. That’s why we’re here to give you a little help.

See what is the best way to use high-waisted skirt.

Casual looks

The waisted jeans short is the perfect choice for this visual. He can marry well with any type of shirt and to match with the rest how about a sneaker, a sandals or tennis shoes? For a rainy day you can enjoy the pantyhose and boots without heel.

Look elegant and stripped

This category here enter the loose fabrics, lightweight shorts and colorful and cheerful prints. The prints of POA are also perfect with wide belts to form a sleek and handsome. The loose-fitting sweaters are the most suitable for this kind of look. And of course, nothing better than a jump to take a prized in visual. Give preference to wide or medium sized jumps.

Looks more elegant

In this case be attentive to the fabric more full-bodied and with a silk screen with gradient tones and colors more closed. To give a touch of elegance to the largest visual blazers or cardigans are perfect along with a stiletto shoe, preferably the heel. Accessories like a maxicolar or handbags with chain handles give the final touch.

Looks for winter

Who said you can’t wear shorts in winter? It’s time to take the hose out of the closet or so that Black legging tightly in the legs. You can take advantage of and use the leather shorts or color jeans more closed as the blue, wine or black.