How to use the animal Leopard print in retro style

You just buy (or just out of your grandmother) shoes, belt and bag with animal print Leopard, which is the tendency that we currently see in the streets, but don’t know how to use it! Yes, although it is a beautiful accessory and super chic, many times we are limited.

How to use the animal Leopard print in retro style

And it is that although it is a classic piece that we have seen and back over the decades the fact that this pattern makes it sometimes a bit difficult to merge it.

I here spend a few tips so that you can make that Leopard that lives within you and not leaving it alone with your homecoming dress from internetages.

  1. All black: Yes, this is the basic advice to use a piece as it is one that has printed Leopard. If you don’t want to fail, with a dress black or dressed all in black, you’ll highlight this piece very elegant looking.
  2. Use solid colors: if you already feel comfortable with this piece and you want to start experimenting, you can start to combine solid colors, but always accentuated with your shoes, handbag or belt of Leopard.

You can get Red trousers with a white blouse, or a garment electric blue combined with Leopard.

  1. Jean: Jean is always going to be a basic neutral, so is always a few Leopard footwear will be well with jeans, are the wash that is. With some skinny blue strong if like see you more arranged or with a boyfriend jeans if going a little more informal. Not mention with a light denim summer dress, your Leopard will look sensational.
  2. With prints: combining with other prints Leopard tends to be something that requires a trained eye. He began to experiment with different patterns to see which is which combines with this peculiar animal skin. Here I give you some specific advice for prints:-Just combine them with a print and the rest keep you very sober.-To start you can try with prints that are with smaller designs so that they do not compete with the skin of Leopard which is large and striking design.

    -Choose prints on black or neutral fabrics, this will give you a conductive line that suits the tones of the animal Leopard print.

    -Try first combined with lightweight fabrics so that your outfit is not very heavy. The animal Leopard print is already itself a strong attachment to combine with other equally strong material.

And here you have other tips that will serve when using accessories or garments with animal Leopard print, but that can also apply to other animal skins striking, such as the zebra, giraffe or cow:

  1. Don’t get the whole zoo. If you’re going to take a piece of animal print, not combines it with other different animal.
  2. If you do not feel you still comfortable with the animal print, it starts with accessories such as shoes, belt or bag. Do not go and buy you a coat that perhaps you are never going to use.
  3. Down to other accessories. Animal print is of itself conclusive, so there is no need to combine it with equally eye-catching accessories.
  4. Do it your focal point. If you are using the animal print you is because they want to be the star of your outfit.
  5. Trust your animal instincts. It’s fun and feel comfortable. If drawing your personality is not to use this type of accessories you do not try more. Remember, we are to carry the clothes, not the us. Much that you look stunning is that you feel comfortable with what you bring since.