How to Wash Your Workout Clothes?

Because they filter UV, absorb sweat, or isolate from cold, our sportswear textiles are of high quality which require very special care.

How to preserve their effectiveness after several washings? By following these maintenance rules from commit4fitness, you will keep your sportswear intact for long.


Wash Your Sports Clothes after Each Use

Do not store your dirty sports clothes in your laundry tub or worse do not let it marinate in your gym bag! To avoid perspiration stains tenacious, wash them after each use.

Moreover, sports textiles should be washed as delicate fabrics, so avoid mixing them with the rest of your laundry. If you do not have enough dirty sportswear to a machine, use a net to isolate the different textiles.

Limit the Washing Temperature at 30°C

Sports clothes are made of polyester, polyamide, elastane or lycra. To avoid damaging these synthetic fibers, wash at 30°C maximum. If your clothes are very dirty, covered in mud, make a prewash.

Note: It is recommended to return the clothes during washing to prevent friction materials and preserve their technical properties.

Use a Mild Detergent Without Fabric Softener

To protect your sportswear, use a special detergent that does not contain optical brighteners. The use of the softener was not recommended because it tends to clog the micro pores of said absorbent tissue.

Prefer Natural Drying

It is highly recommended to dry her sport clothes dryer. Synthetic fibers are not made ​​to withstand high temperatures. The best is to extend the old in a well ventilated area away from heat sources.