How to Wear a Hacking Jacket


Among the many splendid winter garments that a woman can wear in many occasions, we must never forget we put aside the hacking jacket. It is a particular jacket wool Twill usually tending towards yellow or mustard, which can give a look that’s both elegant and sporty and can be perfect in many occasions both elegant and casual. This particular coat, usually is paired with the trousers of the same fabric and is characterized by a sort of side ventilation. 

The jacket is often used for riding, now ezhoushan will list another 5 perfect outfits to wear with a hacking jacket.

Turtlenecks and hacking jacket

One of the first most appropriate clothing to be worn with a jacket of this type especially if it is very light, it is definitely the classic high neck or the classic turtleneck. You can wear a turtleneck dark enough color like Burgundy, gray, black or Brown and fit of jeans or trousers of the same shades for a perfect outfit.

Tunic in silk and hacking jacket

Another perfect garment that can change a bit too sporty style of this jacket is definitely a classic tunic in silk. The tunic in silk, can be perfectly adapted to the jacket if you choose one that invokes a little coat colors that tend to yellow to mustard and beige. You can also choose to tailor a unique tunic and pants of the same color tint.

Country shirt and hacking jacket

With this beautiful jacket you’ll surely be perfect for riding, so it might be also nice the idea to adapt slightly country leaders. You can wear a shirt of this style of earth tones, some original necklace, a scarf that can invoke the shade of his coat and a hat. With this outfit, you will truly elegant sport but at the same time.

White shirt and hacking jacket

A classic that can not miss ever in the wardrobe of a woman who proves to be really perfect to pair with a jacket like this, is definitely the white shirt. The white shirt can be worn under a jacket hacking and can donate a touch definitely elegant yet sporty.

T-shirk colorful and hacking jacket

Last perfect garment that can be worn with a jacket like this and that can create a perfect outfit, is the colorful t-shirts that invokes the colors of his coat. Wearing the t-shirt just makes this a truly unique clothing.