How to Wear a Scarf for Ladies

The scarf is an accessory that perfectly matches all occasions, both in winter and in summer. The accessory is versatile, can leave your productions more fun, colorful, or elegant. It’s the perfect accessory to add that special touch that was missing in their productions.

The tissue despite being a simple and discreet accessory, it calls attention. So when you are wearing a scarf be careful in respect of other accessories to keep the visual loaded more, so prefer the smaller, more discreet earrings, and nothing to wear necklaces.


Another important tip is about the fabric of the tissue, as this is an accessory that adds more volume in the region where it will be used, therefore, to soften that impression prefer the scarves made with lighter fabrics. If you choose the printed scarves, make a composition with flat pieces, discreet and neutral colors, leave only the scarf as the center of attention.

If you want to add more color and boldness in your production, the colorful and patterned scarves are great choices. However, remember, you will have more work for a production, the tip is to use common sense. Already the plain scarves and in neutral colors are perfect to be used in all seasons and with the most diverse pieces of your wardrobe.

The tissues in the neck perfectly combine with t-shirts, shirts, t-shirts, blazers, jackets, dresses and, of course, with the good old jeans, everyone has in your clothing. But to vary the composition, you can invest in various types of different anchor points to tether your accessory. According to proexchangerates, the scarf can be casual or elegant depending on the type of knotting.

How to use neck scarves

To know the correct way to wear scarves around your neck you need to check not only the style of clothing you will use, but also the climate of the time, anyway can be summer and the day be more chilly, so how can it be winter and the day be hotter. The clothes of the season may not match the temperature of the day.

Therefore, for the hottest days, the dresses and skirts are excellent choices for use with shorter scarves and light colors, just put them around your neck and make a amarraçãozinha simple, leaving loose ends and providing a modern touch and style to the look.

Many people find that the colors of the tissues need to match the color of your clothes.However, it is not wrong to say Yes and no, you can combine the scarf with your clothes, without problems, but the goal is to highlight the scarf your production leaving it more stylish, so look for play with the colors, as for example, a black dress with a colorful scarf or printed. The neckerchief is an excellent choice to add more joy and life to your production.

And for friozinhos days, the scarves can be combined with coats and with their own tops, as if you were making a scarf with the handkerchief. They can be used in a way that is open along with the opening of coats, jackets, blazers and cardigans, or can be passed around the neck and leave the front more “loose”, leaving the neck region is protected from the cold.

How not to wear scarves

-The handkerchief should never be used folded in half forming a square and then thrown on the back, as if you were using a shawl. Remember: scarf is tissue, wrap’s shawl.

-Try not to use the tissue on one side of the shoulders, as if you were using half a poncho. It’s not pretty.

-Forget the terrible idea of wearing a scarf as a tie for men.