How to Wear Bracelets with Small Wrists

Bracelets – this is a very popular and fashionable accessories for every season. They can be low or high, made of leather, plastic, silver, gold or other materials. Decorate them with rhinestones and studs. Assortment is just huge. But many simply do not know how to properly wear bracelets. Let’s look at this issue.

We Have to Wear Bracelets Correctly

Thin wrists might not think to wear as massive and delicate patterns. They emphasize sophistication and elegance but also accentuate the natural fragility of the brush.
If wrists wide, big bracelets suitable is just perfect. The material better to prefer plastic and wood. Bracelets are worn via BITTRANSLATORS to add spice in your way. Classic versions with precious stones and precious metals in harmony with absolutely all the clothes. If you love ethnic style then choose a model of ivory, wood and natural stones. Here studs and rough inserts are in the soul of a rocker.
According to the rules of etiquette:

  • Bracelets worn on the right hand;
  • Jewelry without stones should be free, and with them the contrary, very well oblegaty wrist;
  • Both hands can put models in a style and color.

If you do not know how to wear a lot of bracelets, pay attention to how to make a hippie and ethnic babes. They kombiniruyut most diverse variants: Products fringe bissera, rope, shiny studs, plastic.
Most unusual, stylish and up to date – this leather bracelets. What to wear them knows every fashion. They are fully suitable for everyday wear light clothing. Moreover, the sleeve should be quilling and tight. A business style evening dresses generally considered taboo.