How to Wear Choker Necklace

Flush with the neck and the top of the style, the choker is the necklace from 2016. How to wear this trend gem that takes us to the throat? Practical guide.

True to its cyclic rhythm, fashion see reborn the obsessions of the past. And in 2016, the 90 years that come back to us with full force. Neo trash sportswear, normal aesthetic disturbing as in clothing, but also tender Madeleine of Proust are on the program. Adopted unanimously by the it girls of the moment, is the short neck collar which is the standard bearer of this revival. Rihanna, Bella and Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, he hangs around the neck. Renamed “Choker” (scarf in English) to ensure a return everything in style, it is most often of a simple Ribbon, enough to dress up the silhouette of his presence. Combined with the fun mode version necklace tattoo at the chic fashion in Velvet, this is an accessory that is full of paradoxes. Indeed, placed in the strategic place of the neck, he says very sensual head port but can also sometimes Pack. Double-edged but furiously mode, follow the operating instructions to adopt it-necklace of the moment.

Alert morphology

As its name suggests, the ras of the neck is at the throat, which can have a double effect. On the long neck, the cord accentuates the dimension, slender guaranteed effect. On the contrary, station of the backlash to the small necks. To avoid seeming to have lost a step between the shoulders and ears, we meticulously choose her choker. To ban: the ribbons too dark and wide. To vote: the tatoo, lace or all clear color version. Another trick to work around the “head in the shoulders” effect, the hairstyle. If you are not safe to assume to have knotted throat, opt for a short haircut or hair attached, which dispelled the illusion of a shrunken silhouette.

Dress code

As with any trend from the past, the dress code is important to adopt the choker in the right way. Even though nothing prevents you from out your crop top with thin straps and your Doc Marteens, betting on a job more contemporary you will make the task easier and prevent your entourage of violent falshbacks in the 90’s. One imperative: associate it with outfits turned, or throat clear, to avoid the impression of confinement. We love her, for example, ally to the top in the Bardot neckline, with which it comprises a very chic and romantic. If you prefer to stay chaste, accompany your outfit with a strict jacket made for a very Christian Dior. With a loose shirt tilt backward way Balenciaga, in very thin cord integrated into dress babydoll as Nina Ricci, in his big night version jewellery with a strapless Oscar Renta, so many creator dress have interpreted it, is not the inspiration that is missing.

Pull it off

Bold and sensual, the choker is not an innocent jewel like pearl necklace. According to RECIPESINTHEBOX, he referred to various symbolic, that it’s unwieldy to not return contrary messages. Two approaches are distinguished: the fatal and sexy dog collar and the neck regressive and juvenile ras. One is a sober cord, often black and intervenes in outfits like a cherry on the look sophisticated. It can be connoted SM as Gothic, and is so with subtlety. The other, regressive, adorned with pearls multicoloured or plastic like the famous necklace tatoo, evokes the Spice Girl and their sassy pop years. If you were already too old to wear at this time, you lose your turn. Luckily, between these two extremes slip a multitude of models, Bohemian with embroidery, precious with strass, romantic with lace… Given the complexity of the part, you can even make your easy.