How to Wear Colorful Pants

For a long time, the Brazilian man used only his jeans or pants in other tissues with dark tones, but the colorful pants became popular and gained our attention. Nevertheless, there is still much prejudice against these pieces. Many men associate the colorful pants to certain social groups, many of them influenced by the image of the band Restart and their fans, but this article will show you that it is possible to use this piece with a lot of style and highlight your visual.

How to use colored pants men

Common sense! This is the general rule. Especially when we speak of color. The colorful pants called enough attention and becomes the main part of your look. So, the best tip to not err in combination is choosing for the rest of the visual basic. The neutral colors on top prevents you from making mistakes.

A t-shirt or with large prints, but without very strong colors, can be the easiest choice to match the colored pants. The main concern is to find colors that match well. The blue and red, for example, are colors that combine to be contrasting, but can get very showy depending on your shades.

The shirts are also excellent with colored pants. When you use dark tone pants, can even match the printed shirts that are high, but be careful not to fall in the exaggeration.

In addition to seek contrasts, such as the proposal of blue and red, you can combine with complementary colors or tone on tone. This combination makes it almost impossible to mess up your look with colorful pants and still all very discreet. Another important tip is that the jeans, which hangs out in pants, can be played up with a shirt or jacket jeans.

In choosing the tone of your colorful pants, look for the colors of the season. Winter, for example, typically brings more sober and earth tones, while the summer bet on vivid hues. And a special tip: strong colors let visual sports anymore.

In footwear, you can dare in most daring shoes or stay in Basic. It all depends on the occasion and the colors chosen. When in doubt, stay in basic black shoe or in casual sneakers in neutral tones. So, you have no chance of error. The men’s boots can also give a charm to the visual.