How to Wear Cufflinks

How to wear cufflinks, known today is not for everyone. Meanwhile, it a few decades ago, the appearance at the ceremony wearing a shirt without buttons of cuff links considered in bad taste.

Today, elegant and expensive cufflinks are an essential accessory for successful men, according to recipesinthebox. Small size, they can have a significant impact on the perception of the image of the man as a whole.

And origins

modern cufflinks precursors were flying on the sleeves of the noble shirts. Mode early 18th century had an abundance of lace, ruffles and bows. Some men began to pass through the Ribbon through the lace to prevent wide short sleeves.Later, the Ribbon was replaced by 2 Gold or silver chains, fixed decorative buttons colored glass or gems, diamonds usually.

Until the middle of the century wear cufflinks XIX were

t the exclusive privilege of the nobility.The Royal and aristocratic families have always shown cufflinks noble birth and income for their owners.

To progress

After the discovery process began galvanizing cheaper metal cuff buttons, covered with a thin layer of gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones replaced. As they entered wide use since 1882, after the beginning of their industrial production.

At that time has changed and shirt: starched cuffs were very hard and difficult farm using the buttons and cuff buttons perfectly adapted to this purpose. It was then that they became an integral part of the costume of a man.

young man in childhood taught to wear cufflinks, and girls – how to choose. Buy cufflinks costly own men was considered a sign of bad taste. Most of the collection was formed and received gifts of rarities legacy. This tradition is still alive: a modern man often receives as a gift of marriage, cufflinks and tie bar.

Mass elite

In the middle of the 20-s of the last century, included fashion style known as a casual. He was an integral part of the male wardrobe became a sport shirt long sleeve shirt. Question: “How to wear cuff links” is more standing, because the cuff new t-shirts even have made for them. So, Cufflinks are new in the background, taking their rightful place accessory top of range.

Men are generally not wear no jewelry except rings and watches wedding, so that opportunities to appear individually to them a little.Traditional tie adds to the attractiveness of its owner, but can give cufflinks normal suit for a truly unique look.

Fashion trend

Now you can find a lot of information on how to wear cufflinks modern fashion to include them again in your arsenal.Compte view of the very wide range of colors and styles, as well as the availability of cufflinks to today, it is not surprising that their popularity is higher than ever.


are not only a great for men, they are also an exclusive option for the ladies. Today, we are not surprised female shirt with buttons of manchette.Comment wear each woman decides independently, but most preference is given to the ladies large specimens having a custom form or ornamental stones and crystals.

Tips for choosing

you have not yet chosen his shirt, because I do not know how to wear cufflinks. Pictures of different models can be found in all the fashion magazines. Most of the daily shirts available with wrists tied with buttons and buttons, but many manufacturers of luxury models stored in their business of cufflinks Cap structure.

It should be noted that the pads are designed to be worn with shirts and blouses with hinges on both sides of the wrists. You can’t wear them with clothes, which are sewn on the cuff links.

There are many different types of cuff links, so that you can choose depending on your personality. Accessories are designed to create a stylistic unity and to highlight the individuality of the picture of costume of its owner. That’s why there are a few general rules, how to wear cufflinks.

  • If you put on a game, you have to remember that it will determine the style of your dress. The shirt in this case will serve as a background. Therefore, the clips and cufflinks should be chosen to match a design and different tie discreet. It is the classical variant when they form a set. Of course
  • Buttons appropriate cufflinks and tie. In this case, they should be combined with the color of the dials of watches in metal and belt loop. Cufflinks
  • Exclusive attention, it is recommended to wear cuffs of United shirts of white or light. Materials

And styles of cufflinks may be different, but their goal remains the same. Since the days of diamonds and gold, current exclusive Platinum accessories channels buttons, the availability of headlines buttons cufflink show their membership at the door of the upper class of society.

A matter whether your grandfather or curiosities ostromodnye Set was purchased recently, buttoned wrist cuffs are sign of stylish people and confident universal and indisputable.c