How to Wear Gladiator Sandals

Are the shoes of the moment and in magazines and fashion blogs do not talk about anything else: the gladiator, the knee-high sandals, are the undisputed stars of this summer … There are those who love them, such as fashion bloggers more famous, and who would be hard pressed even to cross the front door with these shoes on! But while we are still here to ask us if we can wear them or not, the gladiator sandals continue to depopulate between very young and do not.

I do not like at all because it certainly is not the emblem of simplicity and then we have to tell the truth, are not exactly easy to bring: thin ankles, long legs and slender body are all features that should have people who want to try this trend without ridicule.

Based on NONPROFITDICTIONARY, the gladiator sandals are beautiful to look on the catwalk or on the legs of the stars, but how we can wear them even we ordinary mortals?
Here are 10 combinations to try this summer.

Gladiator sandals + dress with floral prints

Perfect for flower lovers, the combination “gladiator sandals + dress with floral prints”. You can choose a short dress or opt for models on the length midi .

Sandali gladiator + Little black dress

The gladiator sandals are the ideal accessory to enhance a simple black dress. Wear these shoes with your little black dress and not run the risk of appearing vulgar.

Gladiator sandals + dress with bare shoulders

Also very refined outfits consist of gladiator sandals and dresses with bare shoulders (which are another big trend this summer 2015). Try this combination if you want to add a feminine touch to your casual look .

Gladiator sandals + Mini Skirt

On warmer days, you discover your legs and choose a miniskirt. Just a few accessories to complete the most of your look.

Sandali gladiator + Shorts

Maybe it can be a bit ‘risky but also the matching “gladiator sandals + Shorts” is enjoying great success. If this does not convince you look at 100%, try it just to go to the beach!