How to Wear: Jeans at Christmas

Even with all the trends of the moment, there is one that keeps bombing year after year and appeared in several pieces now in 2016:the jeans! Every department store had a section only for the fabric, with pants, shorts, shirts and even sweaters and dresses.

According to ClothesBliss, So if you still do not know what to wear at Christmas, how about a piece of jeans you already have? I have separated some inspirations for the date and, although they are not very themed, are options that can be used in ‘real life’ as well and can be more tidy for the celebration – it has elegant looks with heels and sequins, but also dress jeans and sneakers for those who want to be comfortable.

Clothes on jeans are usually casual and uncluttered, so if you’re looking for a look for a fancy party, you’ll want to choose a thin piece to go with, such as sequins and lace.The modeling also weighs, choose a pair of pants with a good trim or an accentuated dress, for example.And on the feet, strappy sandals or scarpin look good on such occasions.

Now if your celebration is simpler and informal, the piece is easy to combine! The jeans skirt with buttons is a favorite and goes with several types of blouses. You can create a look ~ fashionista ~ with pieces of the moment, such as the shoulder-to-shoulder blouse and pantacourt jeans. For those who want to be even more comfortable, the shorts with a shirt look great. And if you want a more thematic look, it is worth betting on the colors of the date, like red or gold. There are endless combinations with jeans, but the most important thing is that you feel good about the look! Who will adhere to this more relaxing look at Christmas?

1. Wear jeans

2. Jeans

3. Dress jeans

4. Jeans shirt/blouse

5. Short jeans