How To Wear Jewelry With Cameo

when I went the last time at the Fair of Il Tarì have watched very carefully the cameo jewelry not only because in Campania there is a long history in cameos, but also because I believe that these creations are unfairly considered a little cultured woman, especially from the younger girls.

The Cameo, in fact, is always associated with the idea of an elegant jewel, but also a bit Dour and serious, to be used in ceremonies or occasions.

Let’s face it: towards cameo jewelry exists the same ungenerous preconception that there is towards the pins which, as I have shown, are a jewel absolutely cool!

The cameo in time became the symbol of classic taste and style, but since all that is past is rediscovered and actualized by the fashion world, fashion designers have recovered cameo jewelry back on the catwalks.

Obviously you need to know some secrets on how to wear the cameo jewelry and how to match them.

Cameo jewelry

Cameo jewelry to speak we must start from the origin: historically the shells were engraved by hand to transmit the memory of a face p of a place, thought well of good wishes or any message you want to leave. >>

Make a cameo is an art because it involves making a small picture in bas-relief, that tells a story and think this peculiarity resides its timeless appeal.

In the tradition of the subjects of the cameos were many: from the classic strand of female portraits of the period from ancient Rome to the Renaissance, the depiction of epic characters to mythological figures, from the sacred to the gods of the Gentiles, until arriving to the cherubs and Cupids.

Although these are persons who may seem a bit old, Grandma’s style that suited to modern, in fact the cameo jewelry are absolutely contemporary creations.

How to wear cameos

To overcome the preconception that cameo jewelry is stuff from grandmothers there are several examples that I can do. I want to show that not only are they coolcameos, but also very glam, because they can be combined with different looks and styles.

First there are those who chose cameos among the Bridal jewelry, as the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who-unlike the Queens Maxima of Holland and Letizia of Spain– on the day of her wedding wore a tiara with cameos, a pair of earrings with cameos and a bracelet with cameos. For the series and so on and so forth!

No worries, to wear jewelry cameo with no need to be a real and the choices are many.

The CLASSICAL STYLE, an evergreen immortal, is wearing a collar with Cameo and to do that you can choose a nice Pearl Necklace, or a remake with silk or velvet Ribbon.

For a CASUAL LOOK you can match a cameo pendant with a simple necklace or some details precious, to be worn with tranquillity even with a pair of jeans and a nice white shirt to give a special touch to the outfit.

For those who love MINIMAL STYLE, the artisan tier lends itself to make a work of art too precious a gem, to be worn with great simplicity.

For those who love BIG JEWELS, instead, cameo jewelry super big I totally trendy. You can choose between a pair of big earrings with cameos, cameo necklace postoffice or super ring, there’s plenty to choose from.

If you want to challenge the rules of etiquette of the jewels and attract attention at all costs, you can also find cameo rings extra-large and wearing it all together risk-alas-the effect Madonna of miracles.

For whom, then, love the MODERN STYLE there is also the possibility to use cameo jewelry on the head: just pin a brooch on a hat or a headband.

Pictures of Granny and old aunt are more blurred in the distance now??

Save the cameo

Rehabilitated cameo jewelry, there are 2 possibilities: contextualize the jewelry that you already have in your jewellery box after they are cleaned properly, or go in a purchase.

Not everyone knows that at present the art of engraving of shell cameos survives only in Torre del Greco, where they still produce handmade this beautiful miniature works of art. For the rest of the market is full of cameos “fake”, that is, in materials like resinor plastic, whose work has no preciousness.

Given that the Queen of England is better than us, and without wanting to disturb The GodI would say is the case to launch a great appeal: SAVE US THE CAMEO! Underst.