How to Wear Maternity Jeans

When buying your jeans if you want to have good price, beauty and variety of designs, colors and sizes, no better than the store here. The parts are detached, they combine with everything and still value the curves of Brazilian women.

How to Wear Maternity Jeans

The jeans are very yummy to use, are made of not that heavy or scratching fabric. It is very soft and comfortable. You can find from very basic jeans for day to day to glamorous clothes for the night.

And you can find clothes from ordinary jeans to skirts and denim shorts mixed with mesh shorts which serve to go to the gym.

  • Skinny- most just below the knee
  • Saruel- is the one with the broad background
  • Traditional- it has a straight cut and the average waist. It is the type that we’re more used to see.
  • Flare- is also known as bell mouth, it is just the hip to the knee and below it enlarges.
  • Slim fit- it’s all coladinha, from the hip to the ankle and has good low waistband. Ideal for those with body days.
  • Boyfriend- wider pants from the hip. It has this name because the model is very masculine. You cannot see any curve.

But as I said, there are not only pants, but also beautiful maternity denim pants. Some fit well to the body, others are more larguinhas. You also find the most shorts which seem short and larger until almost the knee.

The colors are also present in parts of jeans. In addition to traditional washes: light, medium and dark, you find red pieces, white, yellow and so on.

Asymmetric skirt is the newest trend, it has a larger side than another. It is very beautiful and very sexy.

The details in the pockets are the hallmark. There are many applications, such as embroidery, stones and metals. It has also destroyed and washed out parts.

The jackets are also a hit, but what comes to much is overalls in jeans with lycra, simply sensational. If you are with the body in day, this suit is made for you.

Who likes different parts, jeans dress is all about, and the most unusual colors are pink and light green which will also make you stand out from the majority.

The boys can wear pants of various modeling, shorts, jackets and vests, the washes are very varied and surely they will find a piece that has everything to do with their style.