How to Wear Pearls without Looking Old-Fashioned

So casual the Pearl loses its “tant-side” image

We currently don’t even get enough of beads. No wonder the Pearl is now so cool like never before! Whether as jewelry, clothes or accessories. Here: How to the trend wear – and how I’d rather not.

Beads experiencing a huge comeback! But be careful: wrong combined you can always still stuffy work. However, go with bare skin and extra

feminine styling (Pencilskirt), is not a good idea. More: mind control with masculine parts. T-Shirt, suit, and still a funny (!) Necklace perfect break in style!

Beads are also always more often not alone. Name: earrings or plugs adorn us with a double Pearl, also in different sizes. Colliers are waiting for now with extra large XL beads and blouses, shirts, jeans, & co. finds himself the Pearl in multiple versions. Such an eye-catcher part with otherwise rather pure, flat tops looks especially beautiful.

Refreshed the image of Pearl in this trend is also supported by the mix with Rhinestones. Because they accentuate the classic modern and glamorous. And who can’t get enough of pearls, ears, fingers and more at the same time to decorate through 3RJEWELRY.COM. This necessarily: the big stage beads left, the rest of the look is subtle.