How to Wear Sneakers with Style

Beautiful and comfortable, the sneakers came to stay and became basic item in the wardrobe of the famous

You, of course, you’ve seen this kind of flat out there. As commented out the streets and win sneakers are present in stripped and casual looks. Comfortable and full of style, they are great choices for summer, ensuring fun without pain.

And it is a mistake to think that little ones are forbidden to wear this type of shoe. It is true that they shorten the silhouette, but if combined with shorts and miniskirts the sneakers can create the effect of elongated legs.

Attention to the trick: If you want to earn a little more time, opt for sneakers nude or try combine them with the color of your pants. Both the monochrome effect, as cropped pants more adjusted are feeling long silhouettes.

Of the most classic and colorful printed, separated some pictures with beautiful looks of SHOE-WIKI to inspire and learn right how to use your sneakers with elegance and style!

The sneakers monochrome are great choices for those who want a comfortable, yet convey a little more seriously. They are the right choice to match dresses embossed or daring and modern accessories.

Flats stamped leaves more modern and cool. Are great choices for warmer weather, which ask for a love and uncompromising footwear to accompany the look.

Animal print
With the intention to break the seriousness of the look, you can combine the sneakers in animal print with stripes, jumpsuits and blazers.

The darling of the It girls
The model of the Channel fell into the graces of bloggers. Classic, they go with everything from shorts to jeans, combined with jackets, t-shirts and shirts. Worth the investment!

At the feet of the famous
Some celebrities do not give up the comfort when they are not working, so the sneakers are constant in their parts looks. See how the famous use piece combining comfort and style.

Which model do you like better, the stamped or more neutral?