How To Wear The Rings

After discovering the secrets of jewelry etiquette, I guess I can tell you some golden rules even more detailed, beginning with figuring out how to wear the rings.

Of course, everyone has their own taste, I don’t want to discuss it. But we are talking here about some insider tips that can help you to enhance your look precious and recalling How to wear your rings in the best way.

The shape of the hand and ring

To be sure you know how to wear the rings so they’re okay on your hand it is important to understand what the proportion between it and your fingers. Only in this way can you not point out any flaws or stop you create.

So, If you have long fingers know that longer form rings that hold the will put even more emphasis.

If you also have big hands, are absolutely in the rings maxi, who would advise instead for those whose hand smaller (and maybe even a bit tozzarella).

Conversely, If you have small hands -and maybe even the short fingers-rings with wide bands or more rings on the same finger the shrink even more.

To make them look longer I would recommend you rather opt for a ring with an asymmetric frame or diagonal. If your hands are flesh mind you that whiskers, rivière and thin ties are likely to make them look a little slender, accentuate the softness (a little Wiener effect, just to be clear) and are in danger of disappearing.

If you don’t want to make it look like the your hand larger than it is, prevents cheap stainless steel with a narrow strip extending along the midline of the finger. And always for the same reason do not wear rings on every finger.

If you have a small hand with slender fingers green light to form rings okay but not stretched: rock bands, including darts.

The symbolism of the fingers choice for rings

Needless to say that amongst all jewelry rings-whether in Gold, in silver, withdiamonds, gemstones and colored-are among my favorites because they have a suggestive symbolism. I’m an incurable, sentimental, you haven’t qualified for.

Often you have a favorite finger where wearing the rings, but you know what reveals your personality? Let’s watch it together.

We start from the most famous: theleft ring finger has always been the symbol of feelings, which is why it is the privileged place of engagement rings and wedding bands. If you wear your ring finger is natural this probably you are an idealist, a dreamer with a very sensitive soul.

If you like wearing the rings to theindex it is synonymous with determination and ambition, of protagonism (sometimes with spades of arrogance) and sociability.

Or if you prefer, instead, the Middle finger are a person responsible and balanced, controlled and serious.

If you are a lover of the rings to the little finger means that your most intense are creativity and vanity, autonomy and eccentricity. In short, a person vivacious, lively, brilliant and a bit narcistista.

Finally in the case of ring on thumb no doubt: you are very sure of yourself and you don’t care to show it!

The hand choice for wearing the rings

Be aware that the choice of the hand for rings reveals part of your character.

The left, which I tell you to do, is the hand of feelings and emotions, intuition and art, sensitivity and unconscious. If you prefer this hand looks like you prefers the fantasy, the intimate size and maybe even a little dreamer.

The right hand is synonymous with action, rationality, logic, will and relationship with the outside world. If that’s your favorite hand let’s say is accented your concrete and practical side.

If, on the other hand, like to wear rings on both hands should have a fairly good confidence and security to others.

How to wear the rings with bon ton

Whatever your tastes, I recommend you always careful not to overdo the number of rings: one important enough!

Needless to say that there is no point in wearing a nice gem if your hands are neglected, a manicure is not denied to anyone (and I do not accept denials!).

We don’t talk, then, when you have to do manual labor and you fill out: it’s absolutely rings! Even more so if the ring is not perfectly fit: I advise you to go to a jeweler to avoid that you hang your circulation or even worse to lose your jewelry. How much cleaning and care to devote to your rings I think I already expressed.

Having said that, it seems obvious to me that figuring out how to wear the rings serve first of all the jewelry. As you say? And for costume jewellery rings?? … There must be an interference on the line, no entiendo de que tu habla!