HTC Bliss Would Be The First Android Aimed Directly at Women

First let’s talk enlivened by that green Android Terminal It is designed to directly thinking of women, and it is that Android is not already a world for geeks, but the expansion of Google’s mobile platform brings it to all users.

It is HTC who is planning this time to launch a device aimed at female, called sex HTC Bliss, and that it would be released, in a green hue, with the Verizon operator for the last quarter of this year in the United States.

The terminal would be ready on a soft rubber touch which would improve the grip and feeling, would be half a centimeter thinner than the HTC Desire Z and would have front and rear camera. The rest of features and design, would be very similar to the other models of the Taiwanese firm.

Larger changes would be in the software, with “ relaxing wallpapers ” and exclusive shopping and beauty applications, In addition to one for physical exercise and calorie counting. Not sure which version of Android will include, but if that would be masked by HTC Sense with a graphical interface modified exclusively for this terminal.

In addition, they would sell unique accessories for the female audience, as the “ charm indicator ”, which could engage in the portfolio and would shine when you receive a message or call to the terminal.

Just highlight that both the photo and the data are only a concept, and it may vary the design when the terminal see the light in the market. Actually, seems well manufacturers take the step of approaching the female world, and is in fact, smartphones have general designs enough male and are destined to a non-profane public. What is clear is that Android is going to conquer new territories, and does so without complexes.