HTC Sensation: Locked Bootloader, Marketing and Promotional Video

The new one HTC Sensation .It is the tip of the Spear of the range HTC for this year. It is a highly anticipated terminal that we saw in his day in Xataka Android, and which will lead to the Taiwanese firm to compete in the high end of the dual-core.

In recent days the news have been running on this terminal, reaching filtered by the network including the final ROM of the device, which confirms that the bootloader will be blocked, endangering the custom ROMs and amendments to the community for the device.

was a open secret, and it is that HTC had blocked all their latest devices boot managers, but nobody wanted to confirm this directly to be sure, and is that HTC was the most friendly firm with the developer community, relations will worsen insurance after this news.

With respect to the launch, We know that it has been delayed for France, and that the date given for the premiere in the United Kingdom on May 19 could also be delayed. For our country, probably reached in June with an estimated price of €599.

To go making contact, the own HTC has issued a promotional video the Terminal, which is very interesting by hardware and specifications, but that leaves us with a bad taste in the mouth by this latest news. Do you like the new HTC policy regarding unofficial modification?

View the video at the original site.