Hustler and Entertainer

The Nokia E65 looks spiffy and hidden some technical finesse behind the slide. Just a few highlights are UMTS, W Wi-Fi and new ideas in the operating concept.

With its E(nterprise)-serie Nokia addresses traditionally users, whose main focus is on business functions. This is no different for the E65, the cell phone but also for other user groups is very interesting thanks to 2-Magapixel camera, chic case and moderate price.

Currently, you get the mobile from 370 euro without contract in our price comparison.The E65 had to point in the test, whether it is worth its money. While the slide revealed strengths and some clever innovations. In some places, the E65 had to leave but also springs.

Facilities: Sociable

Wi-Fi, UMTS, EDGE, quad-band GSM, Bluetooth and infrared: The E65 offers a whole phalanx of interfaces.

Phone functions
No matter what angle of the earth you happen to be: If there is a GSM network, you can make phone calls with the E65. The phone book allows for over 1,000 contacts and over 30 parameters for each entry. You can create contact groups, assign different sounds each individual address or contact group and dial numbers by voice.

You can also enable individual functions such as Bluetooth, camera, voice recorder by voice command. 6 adjustable profiles of environment who must adapt his phone volume technically often to different environments, can use and own up to 20 if necessary define – prima!

Friends written messages can enjoy a full-fledged email client, SMS, MMS and a chat tool for neat online conversations. In addition, there is a structured storage system and a Central Inbox for all incoming text messages.

Data functions
Nokia bought the E65 abundant opportunities for contact with other devices. In addition to USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 1.2, there is even the good old infrared standard for data transmission. Whom it always still is not enough, can use also wireless (802 .11b / g). In the test, it worked without any problems. Simply log in to the hotspot or W-LAN router, done. EPA ensures safe W-LAN sessions (Wi-Fi Protected Access).

At the store, the Finns show however by the miserly page. Just 51 MB of internal memory are available for their own content. Although can be set to up to 2 GB via microSD card, you must purchase but extra. Fleet Internet connections can be set up via UMTS or Wi-Fi. The integrated browser can handle xHTML pages, represents “real” sites in PC-style, and can navigate by mouse pointer on Internet pages.

PDA/Multimedia: Teamfähig

Business users find a document viewer, team capabilities, and a ZIP tool on the Office menu of the E65. Multimedia fans can enjoy 2-Magapixel camera and music player.

PDA functions
Nokia has designed the E65 as a team player: A special function enables the composition of project teams. The user can thus enter team name, define individual contacts as members, send messages to the team and conduct phone conferences. Also can be found in the Office folder programs for screen presentations, converter for currencies and units of measure, calculator and a reader for text messages.

Otherwise, the E65 has the makings of the mobile communication Center: retrieve emails, Office files (Word, Excel; PowerPoint, PDF) to receive, send and view or appointments, tasks and notes to match the local computer – no problem. In the test, 1,000 contacts via USB were transferred in less than 2 minutes on the phone. Via Bluetooth, the procedure took about 25, via infra red approximately 40 seconds longer.

A 2-megapixel camera on the rear provides photo capability. See pictures so imposed also on the PC screen quite passable from (see Photo Gallery). Despite UMTS Nokia was not however a front-facing camera for video calls.

The built-in music player can read ID3 tags and offers filter functions can be set via presets or 5-band equalizer on your own sound preferences. However, Nokia makes only a mono headset with in the package. An adapter for your own earphones (3.5 mm jack) is also not via electronicsencyclopedia. Sustainably, it clouds the joy of listening to music.

Practice: Pace Makes

The E65 has brisk pace of work, catchy operation and good handling. Only the battery life fell short of our expectations.

Facts & figures
For a Smartphone, it brings the E65 on surprisingly slender dimensions: 105 x 49 x 12 mm at 115 grams weight – it plays the Symbian mobile phone quite in the compact class.For this, the battery life was disappointing: less than 3 hours talk time at maximum power are quite lean for a Smartphone. For this, the display with its good brightness and contrast values and over 16 million displayable colors is one of the best in its class.

Metal applications, stable slider mechanism and pleasing design characterize the E65. Unique symbols point the way to the individual functions, the menu is clearly structured. Nokia has also bought an “own”button for the free configuration the phone.A total of 8 buttons with one from 65 selectable functions can be together with this itself. Using the standby function, you can store critical applications and information directly on the home screen.

In the acoustic test, the E65 was no coarse blunder. On the fixed network as well as on the mobile side votes were easy to understand. At best, the audible noise on the phone tarnished the image something.

Conclusion: Of All Something

The E65 is recommended not only for everyday business, but also multimedia practitioners is likely to make fun.

The E65 is beautifully compact, lightweight and good for business tasks. The Telephone equipment is designed with voice dialing, voice control and a good contact management for demanding users. Also the many possibilities to the Data exchange like with other devices via USB, Bluetooth or infrared and W-LAN.

Nokia makes the E65 with a special functionteam player: You can thus define working groups, lead Conference calls, or send messages to members. Even when theOperation is there any news. A button emblazoned with the E65 for suitable functions directly next to the d-pad. Less of some weak breasted we liked Battery and the fact that Nokia users the pleasure of the usable MP3 player spoils with a mono headset.

Who has much to write and also have to edit Office documents, should look at the current second of our Smartphone rankings. That Nokia E61Although dispenses with a camera, but in the PDA and Office brings richer capabilities and is currently already from €300 without contract (as of April 2007).