Hygiene and Water Supply

After we have dealt with questions of proper luggage and valuables secure in the previous blogs around the world, we will focus on issues of water supply, disinfection, to contact the appropriate Hygiene accessories , as well as the detergent for multi-day outdoor tours in this post.

Several challenges for travel hygiene to bring telescope and longer trekking tours where only a large rucksack can be taken. It can occur with equipment only to a very limited extent. There is no access to infrastructure, such as clean drinking water, showers, but also household appliances, washing machines or washing kitchen over long distances. To get the specifics of the target region, such as climatic conditions and regional common pathogens.

Water supply, personal hygiene and care of the equipment thus form a requirement fast with the claim – to leave no traces in nature – is in conflict. Most soaps, washing and detergent consist of chemical compounds that can cause great damage to the otherwise pristine organic systems of in nature. It is recommended for all multi-day outdoor stays with biodegradable care and cleaning materials to equip themselves. This contamination of natural water resources can be counteracted, such as rivers and lakes. In our McTREK outdoor sports online assortment have we a great variety of specially for outdoor use-tailored care and cleaning products, how organic can collected biodegradable organic SOAP, rinse and detergent for you, which are used safely in the great outdoors for the body wash and maintenance of equipment.

There is an extensive range of disinfectants, organic SOAP, quick drying towels and disinfection agents with us. The bio-degradable soaps can be used also provisionally as a detergent for clothing.

Hygiene products:

Care plus clean bio SOAP
The care plus clean bio SOAP is a concentrated, biodegradable SOAP from organic ingredients. A multi purpose antibacterial soap, the are both suitable for washing the hands, the skin, the hair as slightly spotted clothes. Depending on the water supply, this SOAP in combination can be used with freshwater, brackish and sea water. Ideal for longer stays in the greater outdoors as well as long-haul travel.

Care plus clean disinfect gel
When SOAP and water are available, care’s Pro hygiene gel the right plus® clean, to ensure hygiene during your travels. It is a mild, antibacterial cleansing gel that protects your hands from harmful external influences. Care plus® clean Pro hygiene gel removes 99.9% of all harmful germs. Care plus® clean hands without water can Pro hygiene gel and SOAP cleaned and disinfected. The hygiene gel is enriched for the protection of your skin with Aloe vera. The gel can be applied easily and quickly: you rub some seconds the hands together, until they are dry and clean.

VAUDE dento fresh mini dental cleaning set
With the dento fresh mini tooth brushing set by VAUDE they are equipped perfectly for the upcoming outdoor holiday. The transparent plastic cover effectively protects the tooth brush from contamination. The two inside compartments allow separate storage of toothbrush and toothpaste. Both the protective cover, and toothbrush and toothpaste contained in the dento fresh set. Dimensions: 2 x 5 x 8 cm

Care plus travel towel microfibre
The travel towel microfibre care plus is a functional travel towel from microfibers, which can be anywhere with take out thanks to its compact shape and low weight. Extremely lightweight, quick-drying and soft with extra page for maximum comfort. The powerful functional material absorbed more than the 7fache of the own weight in liquid and packed in a small but permeable compression bag. Available in sizes ‘ s ‘ and ”m ‘ and ‘L’.

Water supply:
Of course the problem of water is before the question of toiletries on long outdoor trips, supply in the foreground. Especially when it is adventurous exploration tours in the wilderness or even, if you travel as a backpacker through little-populated regions, the supply of drinking water is a necessity of life and death can depend. Often the problem is not that there is no water, but that the water resources do not have drinking water quality and are contaminated with pathogens exists.

The innovative Katadyn water filter systems are the drug of choice to prepare fresh drink large amounts of water. Whether as a compact water bottle design with integrated activated carbon filter or as a water pump with filter system. In addition to technical solution means worth a look at the selection of Entkeimmungsmitteln from our online range. With these, contaminated water supplies for drinking needs be prepared.

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier

Katadyn MyBottle Purifier is the ingenious drinking bottle with an integrated virus filter. At any time and everywhere clean drinking water can be edit, without pump. Ideal for smaller amounts, E.g. hiking, traveling and sports. The innovative 3-layer ViruPur filter medium from glass fibre filter with depth filtration, a glass fiber filter and an activated carbon filter integrated, holding back electro-kinetic depth filtration based on viruses and tiny particles (bacteria, protozoa, etc.).

  • Filter capacity: up to 100 litres depending on the water quality
  • Bottle capacity: 600 ml with filter
  • Weight: 260 grams
  • Height: 26.5 cm

Katadyn Vario filter

The Vario is a microfilter with ease of use and individual performance: it can be operated with 2 or 3 filter stages and thus either longer filter or faster flow free. Ceramic, glass fibre and carbon filter ensures perfect cleaning. The double Pumpenmechansimus ensures continuous power with minimal effort. The replaceable activated carbon also improves the taste of the water and reduces chemicals and pesticides. Flow either 1 or 2 litres per minute. The bottom can be adapted and fits directly on water bottles or hydration systems or water tank.

  • Size: 18.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Weight: 460 grams
  • Filtration: for up to 2,000 litres of water

Katadyn Micropur purification Forte MF 1 T
Disinfected clear drinking water with chlorine. Drying time approx. 30 minutes. Silver ions prevent the recontamination up to 6 months. In various pack sizes, liquid (F), as a Tablet (T) or as powder (P) for use in water tanks, large containers, humidifiers, incubators, and much more.

Chloride: In the water causes a rapid inactivation of bacteria and viruses, this already after 30 minutes. Disadvantage: only conditioned taste-neutral. Most funds are offered Additionally containing silver ions. These prevent a subsequent germination.

Silver ion: Agent based on silver ions are suitable mainly for preservation. The bacteria prevents the growth and gradually die off. Silberionenmittel are only bedint tasteless and in addition prevent algal growth and formation of odors. The time factor is between 4-14 hours (a more detailed definition is due to the different water qualities and potential agents not to make). Then the water is stable for up to 6 months.

Always for everything a solution with waterbottlesshop which offers cheap water bottles for outdoor sports! Should we have aroused your interest, visit our Online store or come directly into one of our McTREK stores! It offers a variety of interesting offers relating to topics of travel hygiene, water filtration and disinfection in the greater outdoors!