Important Tips to Prevent Electrical Accidents in the Home

Electrical accidents in the home are more common than many may imagine. And, even though some people do not give proper attention, they kill. In the vast majority of the times the accidents are caused by things predictable. Simple actions can prevent them from happening.

Important Tips to Prevent Electrical Accidents in the Home

We separate the data and tips important to avoid domestic accidents with electricity.

Electrical accidents kill more than dengue

Facts predictable and easily fixable that kill hundreds of people. According to the Statistical Yearbook of the Brazilian Accidents Source Electric, were 782 deaths between January 2016 and march 2017. Fires caused by short circuits and electric shocks are among the main causes.

The search X-Ray of the Electrical Installations, carried out with 999 residences by PROCOBRE (Brazilian Institute of Copper) in partnership with the ABRACOPEL (Brazilian Association of Awareness to the Dangers of Electricity), revealed the data concerning about the electrical safety in brazilian homes.

  • 45% do not have electric project
  • 35% still adopt the standard of making the old
  • 46% never made the revision of the electrical installation

The numbers are worrying. Although, fifteen years before the completion of the survey, the situation was worse, is to worry about. This shows how the brazilian does not care about the quality of the electrical installations.

Tips of how to avoid electrical accidents

Most of the electrical accidents can be prevented with simple actions. And that, many times (precisely because they are easy to run), go unnoticed.

Periodic maintenance

One of the main factors that lead to short-circuits is the lack of maintenance of the electricity network. Which may cause accidents of electric light and, in some cases, fires. The recommended is that the revision is made, for the first time, after 10 years. After this, every five years.

Protection taken

Crucial tip for those who have small children. After you rearrange the room or room, any electrical outlet can end up getting into disuse. In this case, the best thing to do is to use a socket guard. It will prevent that children suffer electrical accidents serious.

All the care is little

Before performing any service, the ideal is to turn off the circuit breaker. Is changing the resistance of a shower or a lamp. This will prevent the electricity to escape and you suffer an electrical discharge.

Attention to take a bath

Something that is quite common is to change the temperature of the shower while this is on. But this is wrong! The ideal is to close the faucet before making the change. In addition to extending the useful life of it, decreases the chances of electrical accidents. And, if we consider that water is a good conductor of electricity, the chances of a be fatal to someone wet are much greater.

Extensions and benjamins

Something quite common in homes is the use of Ts, or of the extensions. However, you need to have a little more attention as to the use of these. The electrical outlets, in general, have a capacity of 1000 W. the Various equipment connected at the same time generate overhead. Which can lead to electrical accidents with short-circuits and fires.

Before you do this, make a basic account: sum the resistance of all the connected devices at the benjamin. Usually appear with Watts or Volt-Amperes. If the value is less than 1000, there are still no risks. Otherwise, it is best to think about changing the arrangement. Or install a new outlet.

Even more protection

The installation of wires-the earth is not a luxury. Are required, if you want to keep your residence secure. So the products G-Light, such as reflectors and light fixtures decorative, have a connection with a ground wire, in order to avoid the risk of electrical accidents.

In addition, there are the DR (differential-residual). They identify when there is current leakage in the electrical installation. As soon as the risk of shock is realized, the electric power is cut off.

Change the plugs

The format of the plugs of household appliances has not changed by accident. It is a way to keep the residence and to the increasingly safe. The third prong is the ground wire. He is the one who will “hold” the electric power in cases of instability. Which decreases the chances of electrical accidents serious.

Humidity in the premises

Take care with the points of infiltration. Especially where there are nozzles of the lamp and sockets.Some appliances have been designed to deal with moisture, as those who stay in the kitchen. Others do not. Tv, consoles , and fans, for example, does not deal well with it.

Another important point is the use of household appliances, or electronics, while it is wet. It is a huge risk! As we have said, water is good conductor of electricity. Soon, you can already imagine what can happen with those who use a hairdryer, barefoot and with wet hair, doesn’t it?


Who is the interior, should have already been warned by her grandmother during a thunderstorm. This concern goes beyond superstition: it has one foot in science. Use household appliances or electric and electronic equipment during a thunderstorm increase the chances of attracting a lightning strike. Unless someone is making use of the equipment, and that the house has an electrical installation quality, there’s not much to worry about. But we don’t want to think what can happen with those of you with a smartphone in hand or the laptop on your lap, isn’t it?

Quality professionals

Before performing the electrical design of the residence or trade, it is important to trust the professional you have chosen. Deliver a responsibility of these to someone without experience can lead to electrical accidents in the future.

Prevent electrical accidents and domestic, and even deaths, is easier than it seems. Simple actions that preserve not only the electronics, but the physical integrity of a house or apartment. Electricity is a serious thing.