In Gmail’s Agenda: How to Add the Digit 9 in Cell Sao Paulo

Calls to numbers cell of São Paulo will be captured by automatic message from tomorrow. If you have not installed any application to add the digit 9 in front of phone numbers, it might be a good time to call for a site that promises to perform the task in a few seconds. The “Prefix 9” invented by Wesley Souza developer works with the address book Google.

To perform the task is quite simple and does not depend on phone or any mobile device. The Internet user enters the page and allows login with your Google account (without entering username and password). The prefix 9 provides a list with the names, emails and numbers (old and possible new) contacts with phone in DDD 11. The change happens quickly after the user confirms the addition of the ninth digit in the contacts that need this change.

I stayed for a while wondering why someone would use a Google account to save phone contacts if he had not connected this account to a mobile device. Well, I do this: use the Google email service here in our site, which in practice means that we can authenticate and synchronize the data on Android and iOS like in Gmail. But not enable the synchronization of the work address book because practically not use the phone. The prefix 9 in theory facilitates the migration of these numbers to the ninth digit.

As usual, be sure to remove the authorization for access to your address book after confirming that the ninth digit in fact joined the contacts with phone in DDD 11. It is the old story of giving value to the data you share on network.