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Law School is an ambitious and costly affair. When they put so much time and money in a legal degree, law students want to ensure their investment pays off with recruitment at a reputable law firm. One of the ways students do this is to seek admission to top-tier law schools. But how is the top level intended, and what does it mean if a school is not in this top tier? The levels of law schools can help students to make Admission decisions, but the law school tier a students choose not necessarily seal her fate recruitment.

Ranking Law Schools

Law schools are ranked based on a number of factors, including faculty, selectivity, quality and post-graduate placement success. Student-to-faculty ratio issues with higher rankings are given to schools with fewer students per teacher and more library resources. Schools that accept students with higher LSAT scores and GPAs are also ranked higher. Impression of the school from the jura, institutions, lawyers and judges too much influence on a school rank. Finally, the speed at which a school's students pass the bar exam and subsequently get employed by law firms helps to determine the school's ranking. See all best legal degree programs.

Top Tier Schools

Top 100 law schools in the nation, sorted on the basis of the factors referred to in 1, includes the first-tier of law schools, or Level 1. Tier 1 law schools are ranked each year. The top rated law schools is a list of "usual suspects", including Harvard Law, Yale Law, Stanford Law and Columbia University. Recording in any of the 100 best schools are said to all but ensure a positive result at the exam.

Second, Third And Fourth Tier Schools

Beyond the top-100 ranked schools, law schools are ranked into the second, third and fourth layers. Different opinions about whether the acceptance in any other than a tier 1 law school will affect your career success. Although acceptance in schools classified in the second, third and fourth layers cannot guarantee for the recruitment by the country's top law firms (recording in a tier 1 school does not necessarily guarantee this either), it doesn't rule out a successful career. Many law schools, even though ranked in the lower levels, produces smart lawyers, enjoying local success.

Weighing Your Options

A potential law student opportunities depends largely on his qualities and ambitions. However, it is recommended that law students apply for at least two "reach" schools, "strong possibility" two schools and three "safety" schools. Generally will "reach" schools likely to be tier 1 schools, but not necessarily. Some students may be bound by geographic location. Law students can decide how to classify their law-school choice based on layers.

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