Intelligent LED Light Bulbs

Intelligent LED Lamp Consumes Up To 99% Less Energy That An Incandescent

The LED lamps are among the most energy-saving. If compared to the more common and sold in Brazil, incandescents, the reduction of consumption can reach 90%. For the designers Gimme Chu, Tom Rodinger and Christian Yan it was little. The trio decided that it was necessary to further decrease energy expenditure in a product which is also included in the package a modern and stylish design.

There was the Nanoleaf Bloom, a family of intelligent LED light bulbs with low-cost, shelf life of approximately 30000 hours and you can spend 99% less power when compared to an incandescent lamp. Visit the site WholesaleAbly, they are on sale for $30, not including shipping charge.

The balcony is on the dimmer (dimmer) that can be used in any conventional lamp bulb. This makes the Nanoleaf Bloom as an alternative to common dimmer requires a certain knowledge in electronics at installation time, as you need specific applications to control your lighting.

That doesn’t happen in Bloom Nanoleaf lamps. When connected, your 33 LED lights begin to shine until it reaches 100% of your ability. There is enough control to desired intensity with switch clicks without the need to install any other control gadget.

Thanks to a microprocessor installed in the lamp, she recognizes the on/off switch commands adjusting your intensity. Watch the videos (with audio) to see how it works:

If you use a Nanoleaf model One of 10 w (corresponding to 75 w incandescent lamp) by setting the correct light intensity in an environment you can save up to 80% energy compared to a common LED lamp.

Remember that this version has maximum illumination of 1,200 lumens and your approximate lifetime is 30000 hours, i.e. 27 years with 3-hour daily consumption. Interest for this baby?