IP CCTV Camera Reviews

Megapixel network cameras: The megapixel network cameras, available as fixed cameras and fixed dome cameras contain a megapixel image sensor to deliver images with one million pixels or more. This resolution is at least twice greater than that which can be obtained with an analog camera. A fixed megapixel network camera can be used in two ways: either to display more details in a higher resolution image (which can be useful for identifying people or objects) or to cover a larger part of scene if an identical image resolution than a non-megapixel camera is used. Megapixel cameras available today are generally less sensitive to light than non-megapixel network cameras. The video streams high resolution generated by a megapixel camera also require more network bandwidth and storage space for recordings, although this problem can be mitigated by using the H.264 video compression standard.

PoE: The feature Power over Ethernet (PoE, Power over Ethernet) provides power to devices connected to an Ethernet network using cables with RJ45 plugs. It is used in particular to power IP phones, wireless access points and network cameras. The main benefit of PoE is the inherent cost savings because there is no need to install a separate power line. This is an asset, especially in remote areas. The fact that it is not necessary to install power cable saves (depending on the location of the cameras) several hundred euros per camera. Also, this makes adding or moving cameras in a video surveillance system.

PTZ cameras and PTZ dome cameras:
A PTZ camera or PTZ dome camera can make panoramic vision, tilt and zoom either manually or automatically to an area or object. All PTZ commands are sent over the same network cable as the video images; no RS-485 cable is required, unlike analog CCTV cameras, according to GROWTHEOLOGY.

Format 1/2 “, 1/3” and 1/4 “:
The sensor formats exist for cameras B & W and Color. The size corresponds to the sensor surface. The light from the scene to be viewed through the lens, which focuses on the sensor. A larger sensor surface generally produces an image of higher resolution, so better. However, progress 1/4 sensors “used to get very close to some sensors resolutions 1/3”.

Sensitivity of a camera:
There is a Black and White camera has a higher sensitivity than color camera in low light conditions. More generally, the Black and White camera must be used, among others, for the night viewing with an optional infrared projector.